Can you list the four generations of Elmer H. Nicholas and Eva June Garrett Nicholas?

They were married in Ky. in 1939 but always lived in Illinois. They lived all of their married life in Lawrence and Richland Counties in Illinois. Within the past twenty years they both have passed away.
Thanks for your help.
Update: Eva J. Garrett Nicholas was born July 22,1920 and died Ocy.28, 1997

Elmer H Nicholas born Feb 4,1911 and died March 16, 1989

Who are the descendants---I believe they have 4 generations of descentents
Thank you very much--I needed to take a break as I am on call.
Update 2: Now I'm realyy interested---Can you expand on Rebecca Johnson re: the notables such as aviators, authors,presidents,first ladies,poets, and the outlaws--sounds mighty interesting--Please?
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