My ex-husband and I share 50/50 legal/physical custody of our 6yr old son. He wants child support...?

Can he get child support even though we share 50/50 custody? I provide my son's medical insurance, I handle his doctors visits plus I drive 1 hour round trip to pick him up/drop him off when it is my turn to have him. My son spends half of the week with me and the other half with his father


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Actually, I buy most of his clothes, he doesn't buy anything for him that i have seen. I have a constant battle with my ex because he always dresses him in clothes that don't fit i.e. my son is a size six, and when he sends him to my house he comes in size 4t pants. I pay for the health insurance, medicines when he needs it, I miss work to take him to his doc appointments, while his father does basically nothing.

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    I'm not real sure of the whole situation but it sounds pretty bizzare to me. Thqe questions I have is who buys his clothes and things he needs if you guys to that equally then no. Also how long were you married and when was the divorce also who made the majority of the money? There are so many variables. Botttom line is he sounds pretty selfish. The only way that giving him any money would make sense to me is if he spends so much more money then you do on your son. Good luck.

  • Rene G
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    Save all your receipts for everything. If he wants you to pay child support he'll have to take you to court. BUT then the court will decide the visitation rights and who gets to keep the child. The winner gets the child and gets the money.

    When you go to court keep the receipts and show them so that if he keeps the child he's gonna try and argue that he deserves child support from the day you guys seperated. Your receipts will then come and help you out. If you win, you MIGHT be able to get him to pay half of the expenses - maybe.

    Source(s): Me. I went through a similiar situation.
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    Mum? ... Scary this is the exact situation my mum is going through with my 6yr old brother and his dad. Hang in there I know its hard. Unfotunatly im unsure about the Child support ... in my mums case neither of them pay coz he his spending half his time at each house so they pay half for everything involing him.

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    That is F***king crazy, lady! But no! He shouldn't get child support its a 50/50 custody!

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    There's nothing stopping him from trying but if any judge is in his right mind he wouldn't grant it. It's it's truely 50/50 then I can't see any court handing out money but you never know. Be prepared. Counter sue for support yourself if he get's it.

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    Yes, if your income is significantly high than his. This is what happens to fathers even when they have sole custody. It's called equal rights.

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    do a search for child support guidelines worksheet for your state fill it out and that will answer your question. there are also child support calculators online

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    It depends on how much you make. Google your state child support worksheet.

    Source(s): I share 50/50 with the ex.
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    Tell your X to pound sand

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