How does MARIJUANA help a CANCER patient undergoing CHEMOTHERAPY?

Do you know the answer for this question. I am suppose to write a letter about this question with facts examples and it's for my health class. Or a very good page that can help me a bunch.


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    This starts off as more of an informative piece on a professional level and gets more personal toned towards the end. It's my aim to give you a concept to work with in your own head, not write a paper for you to be rephrased. I hope you're as passionate about this as I am and take it seriously.

    I haven't gone too far in the medical science in this topic, and I probably should. This interests me and I think we all should have a better understanding of this so we expand our horizons however possible.

    First off, chemotherapy uses radiation to kill cancer cells. Cancer cells are much like our regular cells, which makes them so difficult to combat. When someone undergoes chemo, their entire body's defense system is compromised, leaving them weak and nauseous at the very least. A well-known and typically humorous side effect of smoking the herb is the "munchies". When a person is being microwaved to kill the infectious organism killing their insides, the innards of their fridge get significantly less appetizing as every day passes. The list of health problems malnourishment causes is almost endless. For them and their family, the munchies is a divine phenomenon that may make the difference between 6 months and a whole year.

    This can effect a cancer victim in many ways. He or she may experience a lack of will, emotional drive, energy, and happiness. They may feel cut off from the world, hopeless and scared. Marijuana has been found, in overwhelming numbers, to provide an optimistic redirection for these difficulties. THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis, stimulates the brain's natural cannabidinoid receptors and ensures the flow of dopamine that every critically ill person is entitled to. Along with these mental and spiritual side effects of dying, take note of the fact that there is an extreme amount of physical pain that goes into these procedures and the after-effects. Some of the medicine that they give you can make you feel like you're rotting from the inside-out. For some people these routine torture sessions are too much to handle alone. THC helps alleviate much of the pain and discomfort that many people besides cancer patients experience, sometimes daily.

    While the uses for cannabis, hemp, and hemp-derived products is large and pleasing, it is not a complete "cureall" miracle. The downside to smoking the plant matter from the buds of the Cannabis Sativa is that the smoke contains carcinogens which can cause cancer, although no case of cancer has ever been linked to smoking marijuana. For this reason, and because the smoke can often cause respiratory problems, some people choose to vaporize their stash. This is done by machine or home-made device heating the plant matter until the THC (which has a lower evaporation point than it takes to incinerate the greens) releases into the oxygen and can be inhaled for desired effect. THC's low heat tolerance can also be utilized for the use of culinary methods of ingestion. It is soluble in fats, so can easily be placed in a pot with butter within another pot (like a fondu setup) with water in it and heated just enough to transfer the psychoactive potential into the butter for baking use or anything of the sort. There are absolutely no physical downsides of this method and it is completely harmless. Alcohol also can be used for a smokeless high, because it is a natural extracting agent of THC. The highest proof the better, preferably everclear. Just put all the bud in a jar with alcohol covering 125% as much area inside there as the lusciouslettuce and shake a lot while you let it sit for a few days. Shake the jar, because dancing does nothing.

    Source(s): Various researches through my time & experience
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    There are a variety of medications that help with the side effects of chemo and radiations. My parents have both undergone cancer treatment and have used these medications. Zofran is probably best known. There are also pain meds and so on. I think marijuana use for a cancer patient is one of the acceptable uses for it however. As far as I can see, they could replace having to take 3 or 4 pills with one dose of marijuana. The problems I have seen from medical marijuana use in other cancer cases has to do with family and friends taking advantage. As heartless as it seems, I have known of grandchildren and children of cancer patients smoking up all their weed leaving the actual sick person suffering. As a drug for cancer itself, it doesn't work. But to minimize the side effects it isn't a bad thing. The problem comes in how to dose it and regulate it, and keep it out of the hands of people who aren't sick and just want to abuse it.

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    Generally people talk about using it to keep up an appetite. It's pretty good for that but research is being done in the states that suggests it could be far more useful. They have found that CB1 (a receptor for Cannabinoids, which are found in marijuana) is often shut off in human colon cancer cells. When CB1 interacts with Cannabinoids produced by the body it tells other cells to die. They have found that lab mice who have been engineered to grow colon tumors, grow more of them when CB1 is shut off. When the mice are given a Cannabinoid injection the size of the tumors is reduced.

    In short Cannabis may provide an effective new treatment for cancer.

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    It helps you to eat and to fight nausea so you can maintain nutrition to continue chemo. Losing weight and malnutrition are major problems for chemo recipients and for SOME people marijuana works like a charm. There are also synthetic forms as an oral medication called marinol.

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    in some cancers it helps fight the cancer itself.

    it relives the nasue pain and many other discomforts caused from chemo.

    go to google and type in medical marijuana chemotherapy

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