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line of best fit(math)?

How do you line of best fit?

these numbers:

x 2 3 5 1 7 4 6

y 6 8 11 4 14 8 12


i was sick soo i dont have notes, and this is frustrating me!!! i have to do it manually not with a calculator

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    This is a procedure that you should follow from either your notes or your manual.

    Push stat, edit and enter both lists.

    Now, go to stat, calc, #4 (LinReg), enter

    Push 2nd 1(which is L1), then comma, then 2nd2(which is L2) then enter

    You should get the equation

    y = ax + b

    and the following values for a and b

    a = 1.607142857

    b = 2.571428571

    This is what to do to actually see the line graphed. After L1,L2 above, put a comma then-

    Push vars, scroll to y-vars, #1, #1 again.

    You should now see L1,L2,Y1(no spaces between entries).

    Enter, and graph.

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