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If Israel attacks Iran preemptively, will the U.S. continue to pledge unwavering support for Israel?

Because at that point Israel will be STARTING wars.

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    Yes. If Israel attacks it will be with Washington's blessing.

    "Because at that point Israel will be STARTING wars."

    So? The US starts wars so why would they be offended or deterred if Israel does it? They won't be.

    Obama is only waiting to create the perfect pretext one where he can charm the Europeans into support, a scenario where more people will accept Israel as the victim. Obama is all about getting the PR right. Why do you think the massacre in Gaza stopped right before the inauguration? You think that's coincidence? Israel and the US will always be on the same page till American imperialism is defeated.

    The appointment of the hawkish, pro-Israel Dennis Ross as Obama's special envoy for the Persian Gulf speaks volumes. Ross was closely involved in the preparation of reports on Iran policy last year by two think tanks—the Bipartisan Policy Center and the right-wing Washington Institute for Near East Policy—that mapped out a detailed strategy that led inexorably from the negotiations to military conflict if Iran failed bow to US demands. Ross is in charge of the White House review of Iran policy which is due to conclude this month.

    Dennis Ross, PNAC member. I know yyou probably know who they are but for all others especially Obama supporters who liked him for "opposing the Iraq war"

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    oh boo hoo. again you are cleaning up Bush's mess . you mean clean up the mess barry made. when are you going to stop with that pitiful old song. this man came in and in a few weeks bankrupted the country. lost millions of jobs, caused millions to lose their houses, and you say that;s Bush;s mess. cry me a river. and barry does not have unwavering support for Israel. He is not for Israel. He is arab.and Israel will not go to war with Iran if it can be prevented.

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    As long as the Mormons and the Catholics and the Tele-Evangelists run America!

    Israel has always sought to pluck the speck out of other nation's eyes while they have huge logs in their own.

    It's not the good citizens of Israel, (I love the Israeli people) but the Extremist Right Wing Ultra Conservative Orthodox Ruling Party, that's to blame.


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    I think Israel is more worried about Iran having nukes than us withdrawing support from them, and I can hardly blame them.

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    Yes and no.

    Obama is weary that if he sends troops in to back Israel, it would shun out the promise that he addressed to the Muslim world.

    If anything, support would be in food and military aid. No troops.

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    Yes because they will not start a war..they will surgically strike at Iran's ability to make Nuke's.....

  • When the nuclear cloud blows, I think Obama will support anything Muslim.

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    I will be booed and thumbs downed but I think we need to mind our own damn business and let them duke it out. They have been offered many chances for peace and one or both have messed it up every time.

    This 'war" has been going on for eons, maybe it is time to let THEM end it.

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    No, because our "fearless leader" supports the Muslim communities and countries, not the Jewish ones.

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    Serbia (verb): To attack a nation for defending themselves from a mortal enemy, internal or not which has constantly attempted to destroy nation A.

    They're gonna get Serbia'd

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