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what are the first things i should do when i get kittens?

and i'm getting 3 kittens.


they'll be 10-12 weeks when i get them.

any tips on raising them?

** ALSO **

which medical procedures should i do right away, which should i wait and do? i'm talking about worming, spaying/neutering, etc..

which ones are optional and which ones are necessary?

do i have to get them wormed if i DONT see the signs/symptoms that they have worms?

they will be indoor cats keep in mind.

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    first thing is to kitten proof your house by

    Rubber bands, paper clips, thumb tacks, broken balloons, cords ,etc Christmas tree tinsel and other small articles irresistible to cats. rule of thumb is that you put away anything you would not want a toddler to get his hands on.

    6:Kitchen cabinets are another danger zone. Be sure to place child-safety bands on cabinets where you keep bleach, detergent, cleaning supplies or personal hygene products including dental floss. Cats love comfy environment and cabinets provide that. Be sure they relax in safe places only! Clothes dryers are especially dangerous for cats & kittens. Cat love to snuggle up in warm places. Because of that, be sure to always close your clothes dryer doors so as to keep your furry friends out.Be sure to remove any ant/roach traps from places where kitty may find them. Cats love to chew and play with things and a roach motel can deliver a dangerous dose to your cat. Scour your yard and remove any ant stakes or snail bait.


    1:brush there teeth i know most people dont think about brushing cats teeth but the get tartar,gingivitis, etc like humans and cats and it is very pain full and expanse for teeth to be pulled

    2:never Declaw = the amputation of your kittens' toes. It is very painful and can lead to problems, including bleeding, infection, pain, avoidance of litter boxes (pain again) and biting. Claws are cats' primary form of defense. Should you and your kittens ever become separated, your kittens will be helpless and will be at a disadvantage when it comes to hunting and defending themselves. Declawing is irreversible. I think it is a bad thing.

    3: as for the deworming there are kits you can buy for $20 and it tells you what type of worms they have or don't have cats can die from worms due to the fact that they suck all nutrition from the cats below.

    if they have worms you can buy deworming products at links below.

    4: as for spay and neutering males should be done between 6 to 8 months old to pervent spraying and some aggressive actions for females around the same time but make sure she has had her first heat .

    Source(s): worm test kit worming medications
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    ok. list of things to get them:



    shoes/shoe laces.

    litter pan & cat litter.

    worm medicine (you need this just in case. signs are : extended belly, hard belly, lots of runny poop, and signs of pain)

    eye cold medicine.

    cat food. (i recommend Alley Cat, it's cheap and good for them)


    cat bowls for food and water.

    good home.

    good love:)

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