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For the past three months i have being having stomach ach and cramps 12 to 14days before my period comes out?

and i and my hubby are really need of a baby and the doc said there is nothing with the stomach ache and cramps,wha else sholud i do

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    12-14 days before your period would be around the time that you are ovulating. It is quite common for women to experience some cramping around this time. Especially if you have an increase in discharge at this time or if it becomes stringy, you and her husband should try to conceive around then as it is when you are the most fertile.

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    I usually get cramps a week or so before my actual period. But, if this is something sudden and not typical to your normal cycle I would push the issue with your doctor. If he/she stills just blows it off, I would see a different doctor! Good luck.

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    wat do u mean? im confused

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