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What is the real true meaning behind the song Du Hast from Rammstein?I know there is 2 different ways to say?

Du Hast meaning You have or Du Haast meaning you hate but in the music video he f**** the girl and next time you know it he is blowing her up.So Why is the song called Du Hast?

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    When Till is just saying "Du hast," it sounds as if he could either be saying "Du hast" (you have) or "Du hasst" (you hate). This is to give the song a double meaning, even though the official lyrics say "Du hast." But the English version of the song is "You Hate"

    There is another sort of double meaning here. If the line is read as "Tod der Scheide" it would be "until the death of the vagina" and not "until death, which would seperate" ("Tod, der scheide"). The whole song is a play on German wedding vows (Wollen Sie einander lieben und achten und die Treue halten bis dass der Tod euch scheidet? - Do you want to love and respect each other and to remain faithful, until death seperates you?). Instead of answering with "Ja," Till says "Nein," finally answering the question he said nothing to in the beginning.

    R+ über alles für immer!

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    Du Hast Lyrics

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    real true meaning song du hast rammstein2 ways

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    real true meaning song du hast rammstein 2 ways say:

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    You have me, is the meaning for this song.

    The whole song is a play on German wedding vows.

    The refrain ("Willst du, bis der Tod euch scheidet, treu ihr sein für alle Tage?") translates to "Do you want, until Death separates you all, to be faithful to her forever?" Instead of answering with "ja" ("yes"), the singer says "nein" ("no"), finally breaking his silence earlier in the song: "Du hast mich gefragt, und ich hab nichts gesagt", which translates to "You asked me, and I said nothing."

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    du hast means you you have something???

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