Has anyone dealt with thunderheart mastiffs from Va. They sell maso mastiffs?

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Update : Thanks for the first two responses but I am looking for someone who has ...show more
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Never dealt with them, but upon investigating their website, I'd say that they are a backyard breeder with some good intentions.

The good intentions are the 5-year health guarantee, the feeding of Life's Abundance, and the requirement that the pup be returned to the seller at any point in its life if the family no longer can keep it.

The bad things? First and foremost, this 'Maso' breed that they sell.

It is an oversized mutt, pretty much, of mastiff and cane corso origins. If they want to work with the AKC and mastiff breed clubs to develop a new division of the mastiff breed, so be it, but I don't think they should be selling, as of now, non-breed standard oversized mastiff crosses for $1,000 a pup. This 'breed' isn't stabilized and they admit that the pups are often larger than the parents at only 1 year old. Who knows the outcome of breeding these giant giants and what health problems will occur from such a huge skeleton?

And I don't care for the numerous typos or general hard-to-read and hard-to-navigate layout of their website.

I also don't like that they sell their mastiffs with full AKC registration, because they should not be encouraging breeding of less-than-stellar examples of the breed.

And mastiffs drool - that's what they do. This breeder claims to breed 'tight-lipped' non-jowly mastiffs. Hmm.

And it's silly for them to say that females make the best pets - talk about sexist. Either gender, if handled properly, will make an excellent pet and friend.

And finally, I'm concerned that they seem to be letting people put deposits down on any puppy that's available, rather than this breeder choosing a family that suits the puppy's temperament. And who sells an adult dog for $1,200 that isn't titled?

Also - I don't see anywhere that these dogs are OFA or PennHip certified, or any examples of titles or championships. They claim '16 champions in 3 generations,' but where is the proof? Usually champion dogs have their photos prominently displayed on the website.

So in the final analysis, I'd say that these are not the best breeders and that you should really look elsewhere. You want a breeder that works and shows their dogs and has them properly screened for genetic diseases and deformities.

I hope this helps you!


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  • Acacia answered 5 years ago
    Big time Puppy Mill or Back Yard Breeder. There is no such thing a Maso Mastiffs. They even admit on their site that it is a designer breed. I would never consider purchasing a puppy from them. Nor, would I believe a word they say. Any one who promotes mixed breed mutts as a specialty breed is not a good breeder MO.

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