My face breaks out when i wear sunscreen?

i already normal sunscreen makes me break out, plus it makes the skin on my face burn - a lot.

So i went to the store and bought aveeno moisturizer with 15spf. and that made me break out too.

I am very frustrated because i don't want to have cancer in the future and discoloring and wrinkles. but right now i dont want to have acne. I have had acne for the last 11 years of my life and finally figured out that by not washing my face looks better than it ever did. I have only had like 3 months of no acne and to go back to it is going to make me crazy. I broke out all last week and i felt so ugly!!

I go exercise everyday outside in the sun, so i really need a solution :(

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  • Andrew
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    1 decade ago
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    Cover up, and go talk to your doctor, it sounds like you're sensitive to something in these products. The Doc will help you find a solution that'll work for you.

  • 1 decade ago

    Your skin is already oily enough. When you add more oil, it clogs the pores and then the skin breaks out. Use an exfoliating cloth, glove or what works for you and wash with a heavy hydroxy body/hand lotion. Scrub good at least once a day to remove dead skin. Rinse well. Use a non-oily sunscreen gel. Or use face 45 which is zinc ointment which dries clear. Good luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    try either an oil free sunscreen stick made just for the face or baby sunscreen. it's prob higher spf but it has less irritants in it. also, be sure to wear a hat outdoors and try to pat your face if it gets too sweaty. i feel your pain, summer is tough on my skin too

  • Kayla
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    1 decade ago

    try getting a facial lotion that has SPF. those reduce wrinkles w/ sunscreen built in.

    here is are a few brands you could try:

    or just any facial lotion that has a high SPF in it since our face is more sensitive prone to sun and acne

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  • Angela
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    1 decade ago

    use the neutrogena ones they work out well

    as well as the clinique city block

  • Tyra
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    1 decade ago

    your probably allergic to it, try using new neutrogena acne wash, i use it and it works really good.

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