Marriage Interview but no response yet?

I am an American citizen and sponsored my husband last year. We had our marriage interview 3 months ago and it was short. The lady just asked him and myself some questions and let us go in 5 minutes. She said we will get a response in the mail soon. We also gave her some pictures from our album, photocopies of life insurance where I am beneficiary, tax returns and other electric bills etc.

It has been 3 months but we haven't heard anything. My husband called the USCIS 1800 # and they said they will send him some update. The only update we got in the mail was-- "We are actively processing your case" It also mentioned that they were doing additional review.

I am freaking out and not sure what seems to be the delay. We do not have any criminal records and husband is highly educated and licensed by the internal revenue service. This is also hurting his practice as he had planned on traveling to Canada this summer for some conference but cannot travel until we get his resident card.

Is this normal?

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    Customer service reps will only tell you same thing you will see when you check your case status online. Call again, and ask to speak to an immigration officer. Some reps will connect you directly to the service center or local field office where your husband was interviewed, other reps will do nothing and go on with their scripted answers. Keep trying.

    And another option for you is to make an infopass online (

    Although don't worry too much, 3-6 months is still within the normal processing time.

    Good luck. I hope you hear from USCIS very soon.

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    They don't know anything at that number. They don't have any more access to information than you do. Make an infopass appointment and talk to a real person who knows something.

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