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Translate from Spanish to english: Y no he "jugado" asi con otra dificil la vida?

This was a text message from a friend. I have not had a conversation in spanish in about a year. It is important for me to get what he said right. I don't want anything lost in translation. If it helps my last text message said "I am not usually so upfront with guys". So I need to know what he said in context.

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    Im pretty sure he said

    I never played around like that with another girl... life is difficult?

    Source(s): I'm a Spanish major ;) Good Luck
  • Profuy
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    Y no he "jugado" asi con otra dificil la vida

    And I haven't 'played' like this with another girl .... Life is difficult.

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  • Tai
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    It says, "And I haven't 'played' like that with another is hard." Unless the question mark at the is how he ended the sentence and not yours, in which case it would be, "Is life difficult?"

    Source(s): Spanish speaker
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    Spanish speaker's right

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