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good website for translating french into english?

wat are some good sites for translating french words and phrases into english (google translate and altavista translation do not count)


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    I found this site awesome, it even has an ask forum, sentences and paragraphs.........

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    i think there's 1 called babble-fish

    and i know u said google don't count but i think there's a button u can get on the toolbar so u don't have to keep going to websites

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    I have yet to find one!

    Online translators are great to translate words but they are terrible when it comes to entire phrases or paragraphs. The only way for you to see that for yourself is to try to translate a French, Spanish or German text into English. You will be surprised to see that the result you get in English is either meaningless or average at best, yet in its original language it might be a masterpiece.

    Please put Babel to the test and see how great it is... NOT.

    Here's a French article that I translated into English using Babel. It's about a bunch of high school students who decided to wear skimpy clothes to class to protest a ruling by the Principal asking them to wear decent clothing.


    Hier "Le Post" relatait une histoire pour le moins insolite ! Vendredi matin, plusieurs dizaines d'élèves d'un collège situé à Carcassonne dans l'Aude sont arrivés en tenue légère pour suivre leurs cours. Agacés par une note du principal qui demandait à ce que les élèves s'habillent correctement pour venir au collège, les jeunes adolescents ont voulu protester. D'un commun accord, les collégiens sont tous arrivés en tenue de plage. Résultat : tongs et bermudas pour les garçons, mini-jupes et leggings pour les filles ! "On en a marre d'étouffer de chaleur dans les salles où il fait plus de 30°. On s'habille comme on veut" a déclaré l'un d'entre eux à "La Dépêche". Et d'ajouter : "Même la pionne (ndlr : la surveillante) s'habille en short alors pourquoi pas nous?". Malgré cela, l'entrée leur a quand même été interdite.

    ENGLISH (this is what I got using Babel):

    Yesterday " Post" reported a at the very least strange history! Friday morning, several tens d' pupils d' a college located at Carcassonne in l' Aude were able in light behaviour to follow their courses. Aggravated by a note of the main thing which required so that the pupils s' equip correctly to come to the college, the young teenagers wanted to protest. D' a common agreement, the schoolboys all are arrived in behaviour of beach. Result: tongs and bermuda shorts for the boys, miniskirts and leggings for the girls! " There is d' enough of it; to choke heat in the rooms where it makes more 30°. One s' equip like one veut" l' declared; a d' between them with " Dépêche". And d' to add: " Even pionne (note: supervising) the s' then equips out of shorts why not us? ". In spite of that, l' entry their nevertheless was prohibited.

    Link to the original French article:

    Link to Babel:

    Source(s): I'm bilingual and a native French speaker.
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  • 4 years ago

    search transator in google

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    yahoo babel-fish

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