Samsung 2233sw compatible with Intel D945GNT/GTP intigrated graphic soloution (GMA950 chip)?

Hi, I want to buy so popular samsung 22" monitor (2233sw) which have VGA & DVI-D conneting option. I am using Original Intel 945GTP & GNT borad in my 2 PC...Both have same Intel GMA 950 graphic solution in their body. My question is can I connect the particular monitor out of the box (without invest for a grpahic card) ? It is ok...If I not get native 1920 x 1080 resolution...Please any experts can throw some lights.

here is Intel 945 GTP specification page:-

Here is intel GMA 950 spes:-

In the above page of GMA 950 spec under "Specification -->Advanced Display Capability--->Up to 2048x1536 resolution for both analog and digital displays"

If it is true I can use the monitor out of the box.

I also download the monitor manual,there they mentioned


Display Mode Horizontal



Vertical Frequency


Pixel Clock


Sync Polarity


VESA, 640 x 480 31.469 59.940 25.175 -/-

VESA, 800 x 600 35.156 56.250 36.000 +/+

VESA, 800 x 600 37.879 60.317 40.000 +/+

VESA, 1024 x 768 48.363 60.004 65.000 -/-

VESA, 1280 X 800 49.702 59.810 83.500 -/+

VESA, 1280 X 960 60.000 60.000 108.000 +/+

VESA, 1280 X 1024 63.981 60.020 108.000 +/+

VESA, 1440 X 900 55.935 59.887 106.500 -/+

VESA, 1600 X 1200 75.000 60.000 162.000 +/+

VESA, 1680 X 1050 65.290 59.954 146.250 -/+

VESA, 1920 X 1080 66.587 59.934 138.500 +/-

I am currently using Samsung CRT 1280x1024 60Hz (SyncMaster 753s).

All I want to use a bigger screen area....for picture editing purpose.

Here is my Config:-

Intel Pentium D 3.2GHz,945GNT,1GB 400Mhz DDR2,250GB HDD,Sony 840A DVD-RW.

Thanks in Advnce.

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    Yes...You can play out of the your situation. You got Monitor Resolution from the manual..but you doubt about your PC's resolution ratings...right ?

    If so follow the steps...(Assuming you are in WinXP, If not I am sure other OS such as Vista will work same way maybe 1 or 2 steps extra..Like permission and bla bla)

    In XP way:-

    Right click on Desktop->properties->settings->


    Unchecked the box "Hide Modes That This Monitor Cannot Display"

    Now go to Tab Intel Media Graphic Accelerator Driver [It is defiantly there as you use integrated solution...if not there must be something wrong]

    Click on the Graphics Properties Button....It brings up another window, navigate to the the 'Display Settings' menu....and there drop down the "Screen Resolution" and "Refresh Rate" option.


    If this matches with Monitors manual or You mention in your post then it defiantly work....I'm sure it match though.

    Now spare the large workspace for your picture editing or spoil your self with some movies.

    Enjoy and happy HDing.......

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    1 decade ago

    You just need to make sure your computer has a vga port for your new vga monitor. It's the one that's shaped like a trapezoid, and has ..around 10 pins/holes I think.

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