sharp or a philipps HDTV?

i dunno much about tvs. im plannin to buy a tv thats under $1000. somewhere between 700-800 bucks. so far, my main choices is the "Philips 42PFL5603D/27 42-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV" OR "Sharp LC 42SB45U - 42" LCD TV - widescreen - 1080p (FullHD) - HDTV - black"

heres a link to those tvs:

are these good tvs? im planning to get one of these at walmart since i get a discount. are these good or can i find better? and which of the 2 is better and why??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Philips use to be No 1 in TV. but times change. Philips LCD TV is not so great since 15 years ago, when Philips TV section HQ move to Singapore , also Philips and LG Korea JV to manufactures LCD Display panel ( from Sep.2008 Philips given out JV ,sold to LG ). Philips TV now are also link with China Konka and TCL group for LCD TV designs/productions.Those TV sold under Philips brand in North America is all made in Thailand by Funai electric. compare to other Worldwide Brand ,Philips TV is the mose lower class/quality . Sharp TV always in great quality. Sharp made own LCD display panel in Japan.Sharp is world lagers LCD Display panel manufactures since 13 years ago . even Sony 40 inc above size screen LCD panel is from Sharp ( Sony did not made own LCD display panel ). Sharp TV is great in pictures quality and reliable . go for the LC-42SB45U-w never go wrong. * Samsung is one of the great TV in the call " cheap and good ", Sony also great,but over prices. **

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    useful television! confident, call your community cable organization and get a HD receiver to your television. it is going to somewhat practice you what your television is able to. considering which you have "universal" DVDs and not HD-DVD or Blu-Ray i might propose buying an Oppo DVD participant. This DVD participant will "upconvert" your universal DVD sign to a HD sign. there are various upconverting DVD gamers on the industry at present yet I even have discovered that at $149, the Oppo is the suitable value for the money. it is going to truthfully take a universal DVD movie (~520 lines of selection) and upconvert it to 720p or perhaps 1080i.

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    I strongly prefer the Phillips one. It has more hd inputs, looks sleeker, has 4 built-in speakers with surround sound. Plus it has more reviews than the Sharp one. Has won awards, and is more energy efficient. Buy it!

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