Does anyone know of any other expensive luxury furniture brands such as Ethan Allen?

I'm looking for other "same class" furniture brands as Ethan Allen. A perfect analogy would be in cars. If Ethan Allen brand would be like BMW, I'm looking for other brands like Mercedes-Benz or Porsche. In short, what are the other brands out there that are in the same luxury category as Ethan Allen? Thank you very much!

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    Henredon and Thomasville are both pretty good. In fact, I'd say they're better than Ethan Allen. Ethan Allen just doesn't have the quality or panache it had years ago.

    Flip through an issue of Architectural Digest, it will give you several options for current, high end furniture designers and manufacturers.

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    There are retail store like Crate and Barrel, Ashley, Thomasville, Pottery Barn, and even Anthropologie has furniture.

    But I think the cream of the crop of luxury furniture is Herman Miller and Knoll.

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    Huffman Koos.


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    I'm not sure that I would consider any furniture line that's mass-produced in advance to be luxury.

    There are a number of custom furnituremakers on the Internet that do amazing work.

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    Pottery Barn and Create and Barrel comes to mind.

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    "the people who make the furniture for colonial williamsburg" name?

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