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neck ach all around ???

hey i went to sleep with a stiff neck and i woke up with a even stiffer one what can i do to help it no hurt so much im not planing to see a doctor so dont say see a doctor, it feels like i have been in a car crash and gotten whiplash and no i dont have a neck brace in my house and this is the first time its happened all around my neck

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  • Ren
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    Get a massage ;)

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    try icing it for twenty minutes and fourty off do this atleast four times a day. and "fourty off" I mean after the twenty minutes take the ice off and wait fourty minutes to put some new ice back on and don't use like icey hot that doesn't really do anything mmm messaging might help but what would really help it counterstain on the neck but I don't know if you know someone who can do that but if it's just from sleeping it should go away just don't move it to much and wait and see the next day how it feels but also try it with to medication because well just test it out see what works and im a student trainer at my college so just so you know and it looks like someone got lucky help from a nurse and a student trainer lol

  • P.J.
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    You should take some Naproxen of Ibuprofen for the pain and inflammation. Tylenol would help the pain but does not help with inflammation. Apply some heat.

    Do some slow stretching by tilting your head down to your chest and back a few times and then from shoulder to shoulder a few times. Also, rotate your shoulders forward and backward a few times.

    A gentle neck and shoulder rub would help, too.

    Good luck, and I hope this helps.

    Source(s): I'm a nurse
  • maca
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    if you don't like doctors then go to a physiotherapist

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