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我叫   出生在屏東一個淳樸的小鎮

後來因為爸爸媽媽工作關係 搬來了桃園



而不是買書 爸爸媽媽都是嚴格的人

他們常常告訴我和妹妹:「一定要節儉 而且要幫助別人」 我和妹妹都一直記得到現在

從前我是個內向 沒有自信的人

後來因為學習日文 和朋友們一起開口唸日文 英文

真的很快樂 也漸漸有自信

在高中這三年 也不斷的讓自己嘗試

例如 英文拍廣告比賽 日文演講 英語研習生活營...等


能不斷成長 開發自己的潛能


在遇到挫折的時候 我常常用這句話來鼓勵自己

我認為在努力一件事情的時候 必須先不要計較能得到多少 失去多少 才有機會成功

如果有機會 希望能進入貴校就讀

利用豐富的資源 培養自己的實力

I call   Birth in a Bingdong simple and honorable small town because afterward father and mother the functional relationship has moved in the peach garden because father and mother are the laborer, therefore since childhood I and the younger sister am fostered have gone library borrowing books the custom, but is not buys book father and mother is the strict person they tells me and the younger sister frequently: “wants certainly thrifty moreover to help others” I and the younger sisters has remembered the present Formerly I was the introversion not self-confident person because afterward the study Japanese and the friends opened the mouth read the Japanese English really also gradually to have joyfully together in high school these three years also unceasingly their attempt for example English are patted self-confidently the advertisement competition Japanese lecture English thorough study life camp. And so on always hoped that oneself can some breakthroughs be able to grow unceasingly develops their potential I to like Nietzsche's a few words very much: “a tree wants to be long high, accepts more sunlight, then its root must first a more thorough darkness” in comes across the setback time I use these words to encourage oneself me frequently to think at diligently a matter's time must not probably haggle over that first can obtain how many to lose how many only then to have the opportunity to be successful If has the opportunity to hope that can enter your school to go study the use rich resources to raise own strength


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    My name is , I was born in PingTung which is a primitive town. We moved to Tao Yuan because my parents have to work in Tao Yuan. My parents are laborers, so my sister and I used to borrow books from library rather than buying books. My parents are strict. They always teach us” Must be economical and try our best to help others.” My sister and I remember it until now.

    In past days, I was an introvert and lack of confidence person. However, I became happy and confident after I learn English and Japanese. When I was a senior high school student, I kept trying new things, such as made an advertisement in English, Japanese speech, English research and study camp and so on. I hope that I can make a breakthrough by myself and explore my potential.

    Nietzsche said“A tree should grow taller, accept more brightness, then its root must be deeper and darker.” It is my favorite quote. As I suffer from frustrations, I encourage myself by this quote. I think that we should not care about how many we get when we do things. It is more chances to get successful.

    If I have opportunity to study in this school, I will make good use of copious resource and cultivate my abilities.


    Source(s): 我自己及朋友。如有錯誤請告知。
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    但自我介紹時, "我叫..." 應該很少人會用I call... 的喔

    都是說 I'm... 或 My name is ...

    這網站你參考看看, 我網路看到這個:!w6gPRaOCFQVCeNg8iHiY...


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    I call   , born in a Pingdong, a simple and honorable small town. We moved to Taoyuan later because of my parents' work. They are laborer. My younger sister and I went to borrow books from the library in our childhood. We didn't buy any book. My father and mother were so strict that they always told us: “You must be frugal, and serve one another”. We always keep it in mind.

    In the past, I was an introvert and lack confidence. I slowly built my confident after studying Japanese and English with my friends. And I was happy too. During the three years in my high school, I tried constantly in English advertisement competition, Japanese lecture, English thorough study life camp.....hoping that I could have some breakthrough, being mature and able to develop my potentials. Nietsche stated: “a tree need to have a deeper root into the darkness in order to be higher to receive more sunlight”is my favor and I always used to encourage myself during setback. I think we must not haggling in what we gain or loss in order to have the opportunity to success. I hope to have the chance to study in your school, to increase my strength from the abundant resources.

    2009-06-01 19:37:38 補充:

    I'm sorry,沒注意到,到是樓下的大大提醒我了,

    I call應該要改成(My name is XXX,或I am XXX). I born in a Pingdong, a simple and honorable small town. My family moved to Taoyuan later because of my parents' work.

    2009-06-01 19:39:19 補充:

    I born in a Pingdong, "a" 要去掉,

    改成"I born in Pingdong

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    I am _____. I was bron in Bingdong, where is small and honorable town. Because of my parents' job, we moved to Taoyuan. My parents are laborer; therefore, my sister and I are used to borrowing books from the library rather than buying since childhood. My sister and I are usually taught that be thrifty and to help others by my strict parents. It is still in our heart.

    不好意思 我先翻到這裡

    Source(s): 自己
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