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Telling my psych. that I have suicidal thoughts?

I'm having suicidal thoughts but I don't have any motivation to actually act on these thoughts, nor do I have any sort of plan to attempt suicide. If I told my therapist that I was having these thoughts, but didn't want to act on them and that's why I'm telling him, would he be able to tell my mother? I don't want him to tell her, I just want to get rid of the thoughts. Will this be considered danger to self or others and he'll have to do something about it or what?

Thanks :)


John- having suicidal thoughts is not the same thing as being psychotic. I'm not schizophrenic. Thanks.

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    If the psych really felt that you were a danger to yourself, then he would most likely violate your privacy and let your mom know, with good intention because he would want your mom to be aware and to look after you so that you don't commit suicide.

    But since you are not actually considering doing it, your psych will keep it in privacy. Before anything, a psychiatrist is ethically bound to their patient. Privacy is very, very important for them to respect. How else can they help you if you cannot trust them? They only violate privacy if they think you will hurt yourself or hurt others.

    Also remember, your psych has seen plenty of people with suicidal thoughts before. By now he or she should know the difference between a person who is a risk to others and a person who is having the thoughts because of some reason. I'm sure through treating you, he will be able to see that you are not a danger, and help you get through it rather than tattle-tale.

    Best wishes.

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    It depends how severe the situation is, but you won't be sent to a psyche ward for two reasons. 1. You're a minor and a student who has recently started (1 year as you said). 2. You're condition isn't as severe as others and you don't pose a threat to society (as far as I know, lol). For the pain killers, either you're talking to a doctor or going through a rehab program while still staying in school. Best of Luck ;)

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    Try to deal with these feelings yourself, if you see a doctor he will label you a schizophrenic which will completely destroy your life, it will be recorded on everything you have to deal with on the national health

    and work centres, other people will think there is something drastically wrong with you because it will be leaked out. Not only that,

    you will probably be put on medication for a very long time, which can make you feel suicidal anyway.

    Source(s): Personal experience
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    Well he shouldn't be able to tell anyone. I believe there is a privacy law that states something about this. Doctor patient confidentiality? If you want to get rid of these thoughts, telling a professional would be a good idea. I hope this helps and it works out :)

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    Lauren,you really need to talk to your therapist and have something for the therapist alerting your mother you may ask him to tell her so she can get you help also.your mother should be aware of what's going should also talk to your mother and explain what's going on with you.i understand by what you have told me,that you had a lot going on in your past.i hope you get the kind of help you take care of your self and don't do anything are a young lady and have a lot of life ahead of you.i will keep you in my prayers.GOD BLESS.your friend Bill

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    I used to go to a psych., and on the first appointment, she told me that if I told her I was thinking about suicide, that she would have to tell my parents. Suicidal thoughts isn't considered danger to anybody but yourself.

    Unless your psych. is different from mine, he may have to tell your mom. You can try to tell him not to ask your mom, and see what he tells you. Ask about how to get the thoughts away, and try this website:

    I hope it helps, and I hope you feel better soon (:

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    its a tough line to walk - if you say it at all - they could justify themselves in telling your mother by law. if you tell them exactly what you are saying here - that you just want a safe place to talk about it and you are not planning on taking action - they will PROBABLY respect your wishes.

    good luck, its worth it - to tell them this -- better for you in the long run. even if they tell your mom - its kind of worth the risk - but prob you can work it out so they wont by being very clear like you are here.

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    as long as u don't tell him that ur planning doing something i don't think he'll tell. just tell him u had thoughts of suicide but never really attempted anything. he shouldn't act on anything if its just thoughts, but if u said u attempted something he'll do something

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    if you tell him/her that you think about it, but have no motivation etc - it will help him/her understand where you are better.

    i don't think he will tell your mother, but why not discuss that with him - ASK when he feels he must or should tell?

    I don't think this is so serious that he will do anything but make you promise to call in immediately if you start thinking about it more seriously.

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    If you tell him what you just said here he will not be compelled to take any kind of formal action such as tell your parents. So don't worry.

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