What sci-fi that could become a reality?

Books, movies....any sci-fi.

Or some kind of breakthrough but could not be proved?


Richard thanks for a meaningful answer but....i'm looking for something that has NOT been discovered yet...something that has a big possibility.

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    several technologies in sci-fi series have already become a reality, or even become obsolete, just look at star trek with the mobile communicator, now we all have a mobile phone and it has so many extra features it can practically put the kettle on for you. There is also the portable computers they use called "padds" and we have a palm top computer now. Computers in general have far surpassed anything that people could dream of in the 1950's and 60's sci fi shows. Forensics has also surpassed anyones imagination from early sci-fi shows as have missile guidance systems and GPS (all were concepts used regularly in early shows) and yesterday news was released about a laser "hotter than the sun" that could be compared to many sci-fi weapons.

    We live in an age where sci-fi technology is becoming a reality and people's wildest imagination is coming to our shops in the form of small gadgets

    EDIT: thank you for your aknowledgement, my answer also points towards future technologies that will become factual, we have already invented the Ion drive (first mentioned in star trek also) and as time improves, it could be our way into interstellar travel (albeit rather slow as it is still sublight). and other technologies will become real in our future, such as wormholes (they are now know to exist naturally), transporters (we can transport subatomic particles now by using particle duality theories), even time travel itself (through the use of wormholes), in fact the only concept that is so far out of the realms of possibility is faster than light travel

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    in Prey, by Michael Crichton, nanotechnology becomes so advanced that it has the ability to think and evolve on its own. (and kill). It's a good book and though you said something that hasn't been discovered yet, nanotechnology is quite a new science. research it.

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    It's a horror/si-fi but The Happening could happen because of the way we treat our planet.

    Source(s): There are certain plants in the forests that release a kind of gas that cause insects to comit suciside.
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    Blade Runner: if you look at the trend in which our technology is developing, it is accelerating towards the replication of humanity at an alarming rate.

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  • the Day After Tomorrow is certainly a possibility if you take a look at strange weather anomalies on the internet or wherever you can see what i am talking about

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