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what makes him think thats okay?......carmelo sat with media yesterday?......i wonder if stern will fine him for that?...

how do you feel about him doing that?...plz state if your a fan or not?

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    He is a sore loser. He thought he was unstoppable. The media had him thinking he could go all the way. Nike did those ridiculous commericals with him and Kobe because they wanted a Cavs and Lakers match...Not gonna happen. The refs made some stupid calls against the Magic. I AM GLAD THEY WON. The Cavs SUCK!!!!

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    I think people should leave him alone jesus christ.. (the media already plays the heck out of his name 24/7 with "is he feeling the pressure?!" or "He has to carry the entire franchise on his back").

    How annoying you just lost a chance for a championship and there are irritating reporters all over the place with cameras and stupid questions and shouting "lebron! lebron! lebron!".. now i'm pretty tolerant but if i were in that situation i probably would have done the same thing or maybe i would have took like 3 questions in a very aloof manner. Not like i'm defending The King or anything but I guess Melo is a better person than the both of us :P

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    Lebron was hanging around when Orlando should have held the ball, yet they tried an alley oop to Howard, which failed......Etiquette violation #1.

    Cavs ran down with uncontested layup, and then Howard throws up a 3 at the buzzer.........Etiquette violation #2.

    Only then did Lebron turn around and walk off the court.

    Shaking hands after an end of season loss is tough to begin with, yet nearly impossible when the winner pulls these stunts.

    Who cares, and if you do, look elsewhere other than Lebron.

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    I am a fan of teams and players that make basketball fun to watch. Thus I enjoy watching LBJ and the other greats..when they play as a team.

    I think congratulating the winning team, and then answering questions from the media about your inadequacies as a player and as team is humiliating for anybody. And that wasn't like it was just some typical game loss. Having to do this is akin to obeying those idiotic laws some states have built around my eyes. Should he have done it anyway, probably. Should it be a requirement, heck no!

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    I am a fan and what he did by some could be considered wrong but honestly it the NBA theres lot of emotions and when you win 66 games you expect to make it to the NBA finals and win it all and really i dont think Stern would fine because that would make him look like a bigger fool than he already is(no offence) but like i always say there always next year?

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    I'm a huge fan.

    LeBron has never done that before, not even when we were eliminated in a Game 7 against Boston.

    I don't know how I feel, but it makes me nervous.

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    LeBron Shames?

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    If you want to be a big market player act like one, clearly he did not and now no matter his talent would never want him in Detroit.

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    I feel hungry I think i go make a sandwich now ^_^

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    im a warriors fan and can understand his frustrations, but he shouldnt have done that

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