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Is this just another cliched love poem ? Opinions wanted?

I love to write poetry but am really embarrassed to share it with people I know so before I do could I get some comments on this poem. I wrote it about a year ago and think it was of my least better ones.

If love makes the world go round

Then has my world just stopped?

Or maybe it is like a ferris wheel,

Just has stopped until somebody gets on.

If love is like a ferris wheel

What happens if it doesn't stop ?

So maybe love is like a roller coaster,

Always going but just filled with ups and down.

If love is like a ferris wheel

or a roller coaster,

Then life is the amusement park,

but what is the fee?

Is this fee our hearts ?

our souls ?

our minds?

Or just the risk we take

by falling in love.

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    The poem's not's a suggested edit:

    If love makes the world go round

    Then why's my world just stopped?

    Maybe it's like a Ferris wheel,

    Stopped until someone gets on.

    If love is like a Ferris wheel

    What happens if it doesn't stop?

    Maybe love's like a roller coaster,

    Just filled with ups and down.

    If love is like a Ferris wheel

    or like a roller coaster,

    Then life's the amusement park,

    but what then is the fee?

    Is the fee our hearts...

    our souls...our minds?

    Or just the risk we take

    by choosing to fall in love.

    hope this helps

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    Each verse made me want it to end.....sorry.

    The transition from love to ferris wheels? To Roller coasters? To amusement parks? To the fees?

    I mean, i get the idea behind it, in theory i guess it could be made good, but as it is now, i don't like it. Keep working on it.

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    I preferred love to be an amusement park

    and we are the comedians in it

    We laugh

    we cry

    we act

    we entertain

    with a fee

    to make all happy.

    The risk we take

    if any if we do not have a mindful heart.

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    this wasn't really a poem at all. it was so messy it didn' t really make since. sorry i don't like to be rude but i'm stating facts. if you want to you should probably put a little bit or way better poem on yahoo. it would probably get better reviews.

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    Yes, very. I just don't care for the syntax, vocabulary, and trite phrasing. Sorry, but you asked.

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    Really fantastic

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    the price is actually.... the experience with poetry

    peace and love

    tiffany fiske

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    its cute. i've never heard a style such as yours but i get where your coming from



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    you shouldnt be afraid to show off your work its great

    you should publish it

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