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why is jay leno giving up his show?

did he want to or was he forced to

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    For the most part he was nudged out of it.

    He agreed to leave The Tonight Show five years ago, in 2004 when Conan O'Brien's contract with NBC was soon to expire. Conan let NBC know that he was gonna begin negotiations with other networks to get a 11:30 EST/10:30 CST slot; he didn't want to stay at 12:30 after 11 years. NBC didn't want to lose Conan and have him compete with Leno every night, so they promised him The Tonight Show in 2009 to keep him on the network. Leno agreed, even going so far as to cede on his own show that by 2009 he'd almost be 60, and ready to retire and move on. And by then, NBC believed that Leno would've become stale and worn extremely thin.

    Doesn't really matter at this point anymore though. Jay Leno started having second thoughts and pulled a Brett Favre. He didn't want to leave and about a year ago or so began shopping around at other networks (ABC) to keep the same time slot. With NBC's pitiful ratings all-around, and Leno being the most viewed program at his current time slot, they decided to offer him 10 pm in primetime. So now the network will be showing FOUR talk shows every night, at the cost of FIVE different shows every week at 9 pm in Leno's place (primarily because it's cheaper). Bad move, in my opinion.

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    Jay Leno's Tonight Show contract was up and he wanted to move on. He stated several years ago that 2009 would be his last year with The Tonight Show, and he stuck to his guns. In the fall, he is moving to a earlier (10:00 p.m. central) time slot with another show.

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    Conan coerced NBC to stress Jay out. Who cares if Conan have been given short-replaced. i desire his tutor gets cancelled. he's so smug and unfunny to me. Letterman and Fallon suck too. purely, Jay (and his writers) are humorous.

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    he was going to retire but then ABC was going to give him LOTS of money and move jimmy kimmel later. then NBC wasn't going to allow the competition to get JAY so they paid him more and moved him to 10pm in september.

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