How can I wake up earlier ?

I want to get up earlier but my body likes to sleep in.....If I try to sleep before I feel tired then I toss & turn....I almost never feel refreshed & I need help!!!

Please give me tips on waking up earlier & waking up feeling energetic!!

PS. I'll wake up just enough to hit the snooze bar & miss whatever I was wanting to wake up for!!

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    1 decade ago
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    What works for me is telling myself what time im going to wake up right before i go to sleep. And i REALLY try to get that concept in my head. Then when its about a half an hour until you have to get up, your brain starts preparing for getting up (without actually waking up) so when you do wake up, its not a struggle because your body was used to it. I hope this might help you..

    oh and if you are tempted to hit the sleep button, DONT. just sit up straight in bed and wait until your body is ready to get up. do not lay down, or lean against anything. you can close yours eyes though because it helps.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What you should do is go to bed earlier. Try and drink some red wine or some turkey the night before you go to bed to put you to sleep. Vicks NyQuil works, too. Meanwhile, wake up early without hitting the snooze button. Then try doing some calisthenics like jumping jacks or jumping rope to get your heartbeat up and your endorphins flowing.

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