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What DO u think about the Confederate Flag?

What DO u think about the Confederate Flag


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    I think that the Confederate flag is an historic representation of the old south which was - a long time ago. Having it displayed below the American flag is no problem for me, but INSTEAD of the American flag is an outrage.

    I was born in the South so you can shout out to your southern sisters too, my dear!!

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    The Confederate Flag is to some a symbol of oppression and to others a symbol of what should have been. I find the flag interesting in it's design but not for what it stood for as it's religious meaning was tarnished by rebel Confederate soldiers who had animosity toward the North and the reunification of the states. I don't mind those who want to have it in your house on your wall but it should not be flown with the United States flag as this country has been united since and that is that.

    The problem with the Stars and Bars is that Outlaw biker groups, White Supremacists, Neo Nazi's and the KKK and even splinter groups of the IRA, all use it as a means of intimidation and their symbol of hatred for others not like them. Like the Swastika this flag has a religious meaning behind it. But since the South lost this flag has been used for all the wrong purposes. This is the problem with symbols is that over time they are used by groups who find it a rallying point for their cause which the real history of the symbol/s is set aside. If you like the flag then that is you choice but if you like it for what some think it stands for then that is a problem that could divide this country again and this time there maybe more Americans that die than when this country divided in 1860.

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    Im gonna go on a stretch here and say that it all depends on how you look at it. You have to realize that a symbol(the confed. flag) will be partnered with whatever it has come to represent to the modern community. A better way to explain this, is the use of the swastika in modern times. We all associate the swastika with Nazi Germany during WW2. Most people know that it is actually a peace symbol for another culture. So as long as people fly the rebel flag in the "White Pride" show...then that's what it will always be.... kinda sad.. but that's how it will be....

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    The battle flag of the CSA is an historic item. It is or was part of the state flags of many of the re-admitted states of the CSA, The 4 years of the civil war etched their mark on the land, people, and the economy of the 11 States of the CSA. So having displaying the Battle flag is a reminder of history. If people would like to read into political agenda which may or not be there --- that is the problem of the observer not the owner. If the John Kerry's can soil an American flag with faeces and urine and call it symbolic speech and If a crucifix in urine is art, if people can march in Jewish sections of Chicago with Hitlers flag, then American can own and display the Battle Flag of the CSA.

    We still are allowed to speak and think in this country.

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    It's heritage for a lot of people. We don't tell Americans with Mexican, Italian, Irish, Puerto Rican, Chinese, Japanese, Canadian, etc. that they cannot display the flag of their ancestors so I see no reason why we should restrict those with Confederate States of America heritage the ability to fly the Confederate flag.

    My ancestors were killed by many different countries, some of them were killed by Americans during the first and second World War. I don't take offense to having others fly the flag that waged war against my ancestors.

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    WELLL The south lost.. I'd be proud of that too!

    if you want to show southern pride then wear some sort of nascar shirt, crank Skynyrd out your beat up old pick up truck with the nice gun rack in the window on your way back to the trailer park...

    to some of the posts ive read so far:

    its America, we have a flag and if you dont like the way this country is being run right now then you can leave? or ***** about it on yahoo answers because that solves a lot doesnt it?

    and yes it is a part of our history but it was also during a time when America was esp since we are at war with Other counties we should be proud to fly 1 flag... bc that one flag represents the south too...

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    The Confederate Flag makes some people angry, and I completely understand even though I'm from the South. (shout back Cracka)

    But, it sickens me to see any American against the American flag. If you don't like it, leave it.

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    It reminds me of the darkest time in American history when brother was fighting brother. It is cool looking though.

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    It is part of history.

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    Freedom of Speech.

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