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10 POINTS! 14 guinea pig questions?

k im thinkin bout getting a guinea pig. i have a couple of questions. 10 points if u answer ALL of them

what supplies do i need?

how much does food cost a month/week?

how much does the cost of supplies cost?

can they jump outta c&c cages? cuz one answer on yahoo answers said theirs did

what does c&c stand for?

what is bedding?

which is the best, sawdust, fleece or shavings?

whats the difference between sawdust and shavings?

what can i feed it? all i can think of is lettuce, salad, carrots and guinea pig food

how do i change its cage?

do the guinea pigs smell?

does fleece smell if they poop or pee on it and how much does it cost?

which is the best? c&c cages or the ones with lids?

which cage is cheaper?

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    1. First you will need two guinea pigs. They are very social animals and need to be kept with each other (two of the same gender).

    > Cage (C&C cage is the best)

    > Water bottle

    > Bedding

    > Food dish

    > Pellets

    > Veggies and fruit

    > Toys

    > and timothy hay (this is unlimited for them)

    2. If you are going ahead with getting two, then it will cost in between $10-15 a week (depends what veggies you feed them through out the week) Fruits shouldn't be fed everyday though. They are a treat for about once a week.

    3. First, please buy your guinea pigs from shelters because many die there and could really use great homes with you!

    > Pet store cage- $50-100

    > C&C cage- $30-50 (but this depends. If you need to order and need shipping in order for it to get to your home, then it will cost more)

    > Water bottle- $5-10

    > Bedding- $10-20 (depends what and where you get it)

    > Food dish- $5-10

    > Pellets- $15-25

    > Veggies and fruit- This depends what and where you get them from.

    > Toys- $2-10

    >Timothy hay- $10-20

    4. No. Only if there is something for them to stand on for them to jump out of. C&C cages are designed for them to be kept in and not to jump out. Guinea pigs are not jumpers or climbers. I have 2 C&C cages and they haven't even tried honestly.

    5. C&C stands for "Cubes" & "Coroplast." The cubes are the grids, and the coroplast is the base (tray) that the guinea pigs stand on.

    6. Bedding is what they live on. It is like their carpet to keep them comfortable and to reduce them getting sores like bumble foot and such. It depends where you live, but "Care fresh" is an American product and I've herd that it is very good. I live in Australia and I use cut up little pieces of Alfalfa hay.

    7. Out of them 3, fleece would be the best. It's washable, cleanable and unbreakable towards guinea pigs. I highly recommend for you to be using Fleece for C&C cages.

    8. Sawdust is just dust (little TINY pieces of wood). But shavings are cut up pieces of wood that are more clean. If you are using one of these, use shavings because dusty bedding's are NOT recommended.

    9. See this link to my own website. It has a list of all the things you can and can't feed them! It will really help you!

    10. See this link to my site also about how to clean C&C cages. Trust me, it's Much easier than pet shop cages!

    11. No. They will only smell if their cage does. Once their cage smells, it will Transfer to their fur which will cause them to stink. Guinea pigs have no natural odor.

    12. Fleece is quite expensive, but does do the job! No it wont smell if they poo and pee on it because it is washable. Guinea pigs poo doesn't stink. But their pee does a little bit.

    13. Pet shop cages aren't really ideal for guinea pigs. Only one guinea pig needs 7.5sq ft of space. So small cages from pet shops aren't even big enough for one baby guinea pig. If your guinea pigs are in pet shop cages, they will never be 100% happy. I myself, have 2 of these sized cages and I live in Australia. And I know how hard it may be to get them here. I ordered the grids and connectors from

    And I bought the corplast or corflute from a hard ware store called "Junkin"

    Please visit to buy your C&C cage kit now. They also show you how to make them and give you the best tips about them on the net!

    14. C&C cages are way cheaper! Go to now to learn ALL about them! They are really the cage to go with! :D

    Source(s): Mum to 4 guinea pigs
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    1. You kinda need a lot of supplies.



    hidey house

    wood chews


    food bowl

    water bottle




    2. Food, would probably cost about 10-20 bucks (depnds on how much pounds it is)

    3. The supplies would cost more than 100 but less than 200

    4. No. I have a C&C cage and they never escape or jump out

    5. C&C stands for cubes and cloroplast

    6. bedding is what you put in the cage to absorb urine and it is a litter/bed for them

    7.i use fleece. you can use carefresh too.

    8. The difference between sawdust and shaving is that sawdust is bad for your guinea pig because its like dust. wood shavings are little peices of wood that looks like shavings.

    9. You can practically feed it any kind of fruits and vegetables. here is a site to find out what kind of fruits and vegetables they need or type of food (pellets)

    10. What do you mean change its cage you mean clean it? well, you just scoop out beeding and put it in trash bag, spray the cage with half vinegar and half water. replace bedding and guinea pigs.

    11. No they dont smell. its just the urine that smells.

    12. The fleece cost no more than 20 bucks. It doesnt smell you just need to vaccum the poo every day and wash the fleece once or twice a week.

    13. C&C cages are the best because you can make them as big as you want and it is much cheaper.

    14. C&C cages

    Hope this helps!

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    You will wood blocks/wood hide-aways for you guinea pig to hide in and chew. You'll also need guinea pig food, bedding, water bottle, toys, etc. Guinea pigs can see in color so make things colorfull!

    The cost of food will vary by brand, amount, store, and location.

    Supplies don't cost too much, but the cage is rather expensive.

    Most guinea pigs will not jump out of C&C cages, but if they wanted to badly enough they could.

    C&C stands for Cubes&Coroplast

    Bedding is the material you place along the bottom of the cage for the guinea pig to live in.

    Fleece, Aspen shavings, or Carefresh bedding are the best.

    Shavings are much larger than the dust. The shavings are actual chunks of wood, while dust is a very fine grain-type bedding. Neither of these are really good for your guinea pig.

    Guinea pigs should have a well-balance guinea pig food. They should also receive fresh fruits and veggies daily. Make sure you also have timothy hay available.

    You basically just scoop out all of the bedding and put it in the trash and put new stuff in. You may have to wipe down the cage with a damp cloth if it's really dirty. If you use fleece, you will just need to wash it and re-use it.

    Guinea pigs don't smell too bad as long as you clean their cage weekly.

    Fleece will begin to smell rather quickly. However, you can litter-train your guinea pig and wash the fleece every 2-3 days as needed.

    C&C cages have lots of great reviews and I would go for that. Commercial cages cost waaay too much and are often way too small.

    C&C cages should be cheaper.

    Source(s): Here's a site on C&C cages:
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    What do they eat?? Normal food thats for them, if you go in a petshop it should say guinea pig food and also some brands called gerty guinea pig are good, they also eat vegtables, carrots, cucumber, lettuce but NEVER feed a guinea pig iceburg lettuce. How big does the cage have to be? Quite big because you don't want a tiny petshop cage unless your guinea pig will not be in the cage very much, so if you deside to get a small cage you should get a pen for your guinea pig to go in, but overall C&C Cages are amazing for guinea pigs. What should be inside the cage? Tunnels, a hiding place, carefresh, and plenty of hay. Can the cage have different levels?? Not really advisable as guinea pigs have fragile bones and all it takes is one fall and your guinea pig could die. Can guinea pigs have company/friend?? they love company and its always advised you get two guinea pigs cause if you just get one guinea pig and don't spend time with it, it will die. Can i hold my guinea pig and play with him? yes, guinea pigs rarely bite, they only bite if there really scared or need to go wee. Do they smell? guinea pigs them selfs do not smell, its the cage that will smell if you don't clean it regularly some people say it has to be cleaned 3 times a week others say once a week, it all depends on the bedding you use. Do they make a lot of noise? not to much, they squeak when there hungry and happy. How many years can they live?? up to 8 years. How big are they?? smaller than a rabbit, you should google image them. Do they bite? only if there scared. but its rare that they do bite. Which is better gender: female or male, which is more playful, does not make noise, does not bite, does not smell? I've had both genders and to be honest there both the same, males tend to just relax more but one of my females dones that, so its all the same. if you choose to get a male then i suggest you get just one and spend loads of time with it because males could fight as they get into maturity and you would have to seperate them so most people say get two females. Are they calmed, playful or what?? there overal carm and when there happy they will popcorn, basically jump. If they eat vegetables and fruits can i give them only that instead of their bought food like seeds?? no they have to also eat pellet foods. Make sure you research almost every tiny bit of information there is to know about guinea pigs before getting one

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    -food bowl

    -wood chews for their teeth

    -salt licks

    -timothy hay

    -igloo hideaway

    And you have to buy 2 guinea pigs or they will be really lonely!

    Food cost about $7 or $8 every 3 weeks

    Well one Guinea pig cost about $50

    then wood chips-$10


    water bottle-$8

    Food Bowl-$5

    Wood chews-$4

    Salt licks-$4

    Timothy hay-$5

    Igloo hideaway-$7


    Get a cage like this and they won't be able to escape because sometimes they do get out and another animal could eat them

    Not sure what C&c stands for just the company

    Bedding is the type of wood chips this is what i recommend

    Shavings is better, and sawdust contains chemicals that can be harmful to your piggy.

    You have to feed it guinea pig food. Then as a snack you can feed it ~ FRUIT ~
















    ~ PLANTS ~



















    You change its cage by taking the guinea pigs out and putting them in an empty cage or the bath tub works if there is No water running or water in the bath tub. While you take all the woodchips out of there like dump all the droppings and bedding into the trash can after you have taken all the acsseries out of the cage and then you make sure there is no poo or anything stuck to the bottom of the cage, then fill it up with new woodchips.

    Yes guinea pigs do smell. You have to give them baths in the sink once a month with johnson&johnson baby shampoo. and then wrap them in a towel and sit with them till they are dry if you put them in their cage when they are a little wet they could die make sure they are completely dry. If you are looking for an animal that doesn't smell than i would suggest a gerbil they are playful don't cost as much, and don't smell as bad.

    Don't buy fleece!! It can kill the guineapigs if they eat it.

    Lids cost less

    ones with lids are way better!!

    One like this would work fine

    But it would be way better if you could afford a dog cage like this

    Thats what i put mine in and they loved it!!

    Source(s): Owned four piggys
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    you will need timothy hay, to be given daily. a rabbit water thing so the piggy has water all the time. guinea food, and they love veggies and fruit, apples, carrots and romaine lettuce are best.

    not too much, the fruits and veggies are cheap, pellets last a while, and bedding does too. i would say like $5 a week

    some piggies will jump, make sure you have an enclosed cage, they can climb cages too.

    the bedding is what goes in the bottom of the cage

    the type of bedding depends on your cage, we have a wire cage with the pull out tray for the bedding, wood shavings are fine for that, but if you have a cage where the bedding is touching the piggy you want to make sure its the paper stuff, the shavings can hurt the piggy.

    my guinea likes spinach, carrots, apples, romaine lettuce (don't give them iceberg it can harm them) and bananas, as well as his hay and pellets.

    the piggys don't really smell but you do have to clean the cages often, if you get one where the bedding is touching them you need to do it everyday, if you have a wire cage, once every 2-3 days is ok. if the piggy is standing in its pee too long they can get foot infections.

    cages in general aren't very cheap, the ones that give them enough room can get very expensive, check your local craigslist!

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    Normally I'm not this lazy, but there are a lot of questions here.

    Answer for most of the questions.

    In regards to the fleece smelling, it will start to get bad if you let it dry and soak in, but you can easily just wash the guinea pig using basic dish washing soap (such as Palmolive or Dawn).

    C&C cages are usually better, and price-wise any such cage that you can find generic brand (PetCo and PetsMart are usually cheaper).

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    youll need a cage, food, water and bowl, some toys, food bowl, possibly a wheel, some saw dust or some carpeting for the floor. i think that is it! (the food will be more than once)

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    Wow,those are a lot of questions.Here is a websites with lots of info. on this pet.

    Everything you need to know. :D

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