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Can you use Mousse with a Lace Front Wig?

I want to buy a lace front wig, but i want to know: if I bought a wig that was straight, could i use mousse to make it wavy, and straighten it when i want to?

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    If the lace front wig is Human you can put mouse on it and make it wavy. you can straighten it also. now if the lace wig is synthetic you have to be careful. there are some that you can curl and straighten, there are some that you can put a certain amount of heat on.. and there are some that if it touches anything hot it will just melt .

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    Wig Mousse

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    It depends if the wig is human or synthetic hair. If it it human hair you can use any heat appliance, mousses, gels, & all other products without any worry. If the wig is synthetic you can not use any heat appliance, it will burn the hair. (unless otherwise stated on the package, it will also tell you the highest heat setting you can use, 220 F for example) You also cannot use any products with alcohol because that will also diminish the synthetic hair. You must find products made specifically for wigs/extesnsions.

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    You can if it's human hair or if the synthetic fibres allow you too (keeping it under 200F is best) but otherwise not.

    The link below has a care guide for each texture - but the long and short of it is that you will get more wear out of it if you don't heat style it. Hair products are fine, just make sure they don't shrink the lace.



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    No, You should not straighten your wig.. It may get burned. Trust me. My one got burned too. But you can use a mousse.

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