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Serena Williams accused her opponent of cheating in her loss at the French Open and I want to hear from you?

I wouldn't watch women's tennis anyway but the Williams sisters and there post match news conferences keep me from even watching there highlights on ESPN.

They are annoying, obnoxious and have NO class.

I mean Serena accused her opponent of cheating after she got whooped on in the French Open!

When she's done with sports she can model tents. And i mean wearing them.

Or she could be a pitchman for those electronic dog collars. And i mean she can wear one and when she talks it will zap her!

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    I watched the video, and the ball DEFINITELY hit Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez's arm, and there was ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that she did not feel that.

    Sanchez was asked TWICE - in English and in Spanish apparently - if the ball hit her arm, and she categorically said "NO."

    That's cheating. That's lying. That's poor sportsmanship.

    I'm not a Serena fan myself, but she is ABSOLUTELY JUSTIFIED in saying that her opponent cheated.

    I'm just glad Serena won, otherwise that very important point would have left a very bad taste in a lot of people's mouths.

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    Kim Clijster is my favorite to win, but even she is not certain to play at Roland Garros. In the absence of Serena and Kim, I will root for Sharapova, for sentimental reasons. She hasn't won any major for quite sometime now. But then again, this is the French Open. This is the Slam in which almost every other player has the potential to win. Remember Schiavone? Whoever thought she would win last year?

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    If you don't watch women's tennis, then why so much hate for a female tennis player?

    Serena didn't accuse anything; she stated the obvious. The ball hit her opponent's body, and her opponent denied it. Call it cheating. Call it lying. It doesn't matter. It was a very important set point Serena lost because her opponent didn't fess up.

    Serena is a human being who experiences human emotion like the rest, well most, of us. Excuse her for being upset by a missed call.

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    I watched the match and the point. I watched the replay several times and there is no doubt in my mind that the ball first hit Maria's hand and then the racket.

    Even John McEnroe also mentioned Serena was right about it.

    You can blame her what ever you want to, Maria Sanchez did cheat as the video clearly indicates. I also watched her press conf as well - someone asked her why you call it as a cheat - she replied what else you want to call - tell me.

    If she is so annoying to you - stop watching her match and stories. Leave it to the fans and we will watch. Why do you even pose Qs on her - to put her down - you can say whatever you want to - she does what she needs to.

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  • mcq316
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    I've only read about the play, haven't seen it, but it sounds like it was a fast bit of action. Its just like a soccer player touching the ball with his/her hands or a baseball player sliding into home. The contact was unintentional and it didn't get caught. 'Cheat' is a strong and unfair word for UNINTENTIONAL contact. Could the Serena's opponent have said 'yes, it hit me'. Sure, but nobody, including Serena herself, would do that. The same goes for every other sport. You take the little breaks that you get. The media may be blowing this out of proportion, but to use the word 'cheat' for something that 99% of athletes would do shows the lack of class Serena Williams has.

    My point is, almost every athlete says 'I didn't get tagged' 'I didn't step out of bounds' 'I didn't commit that foul' or whatever. That's part of the game. Those close calls in the middle of fast plays, you don't admit to them if the refs don't see it.

  • Renan
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    so what ? it was only 1 point ! there were like 200 points in the whole match !

    and did you see Federer against Del Potro in AO 2009 ? he heads the ball on 40 - 0 and Del Potro or the umpire didn't complain.

  • Eric
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    Serena didn't get "whooped on" in her match. she won it in three sets. if u watch the replay, u can clearly see that the ball hit Maria's arm.

  • Anonymous
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    i usually root against serena but after that point i wanted her to beat her opponent for being such a weasel

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    You're annoying, and have no class. She won the match by the way.

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    they are really fond of making excuses, like, cough, knee problem, blah blah. when they win, they are self-proclaimed champs, and when they lose, they make excuses. no class at all. and arrogant.

    she won anyway, what else is she gonna say.

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