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How much money did world war 2 cost?

How much did it cost for the allied powers?

The axis powers?

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    Total cost was upwards of $1.6 trillion - many financial records for 1939 are missing, incomplete, misleading or contradictory.For example, there is no data available at all for China.

    Official estimates based on government data:

    USA $350 billion

    UK $150 billion

    France $100 billion

    USSR $200 billion

    Germany $300 billion

    Italy $50 billion

    Japan $100 billion

    All other participants - $350 billion

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    * Economic Statistics

    * Human Losses

    World War II's basic statistics qualify it as by far the greatest war in history in terms of human and material resources expended. In all, 61 countries with 1.7 billion people, three-fourths of the world's population, took part. A total of 110 million persons were mobilized for military service, more than half of those by three countries: the USSR (22-30 million), Germany (17 million), and the U.S. (16 million). For the major participants the largest numbers on duty at any one time were as follows: USSR (12,500,000); U.S. (12,245,000); Germany (10,938,000); British Empire and Commonwealth (8,720,000); Japan (7,193,000); and China (5,000,000).

    Most statistics on the war are only estimates. The war's vast and chaotic sweep made uniform record keeping impossible. Some governments lost control of the data, and some resorted to manipulating it for political reasons.

    A rough consensus has been reached on the total cost of the war. In terms of money spent, it has been put at more than $1 trillion, which makes it more expensive than all other wars combined. The human cost, not including more than 5 million Jews killed in the Holocaust (see Holocaust) who were indirect victims of the war, is estimated to have been 55 million dead--25 million of those military and 30 million civilian.

    Economic Statistics

    The U.S. spent the most money on the war, an estimated $341 billion, including $50 billion for lend-lease supplies, of which $31 billion went to Britain, $11 billion to the Soviet Union, $5 billion to China, and $3 billion to 35 other countries. Germany was next, with $272 billion; followed by the Soviet Union, $192 billion; and then Britain, $120 billion; Italy, $94 billion; and Japan, $56 billion. Except for the U.S., however, and some of the less militarily active Allies, the money spent does not come close to reflecting the war's true cost. The Soviet government has calculated that the USSR lost 30 percent of its national wealth, while Nazi exactions and looting were of incalculable amounts in the occupied countries. The full cost to Japan has been estimated at $562 billion. In Germany, bombing and shelling had produced 4 billion cu m (5 billion cu yd) of rubble.

    Source(s): "World War II." Encyclopedia. Reproduced in World News Digest. Facts On File News Services. 30 May 2009
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    How much money did world war 2 cost?

    How much did it cost for the allied powers?

    The axis powers?

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    Cost Of Ww2

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