What are advantages and disadvantages of the semester vs. quarter system?

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In my academic life I have mostly dealt with the semester system. I felt the quarter system tended to squish and cram things in too tightly (as well as the fact that it seemed people ...show more
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Depends on what you are covering.

Ideally, it takes 3 quarter classes to cover the same information in 2 semester length classes - but I'm afraid it doesn't usually work out perfectly. It also gets messy when you are trying to transfer units from one system to the other - unless you only take year long courses.

I really enjoyed the quarter system because you never were bored. I like getting the highlights and moving on. I do understand what you mean about feeling "squished", but I prefer that to the dragged on bored feeling. It doesn't necessarily give you the same depth of information if you are taking a one quarter course versus a one semester course, but if they were year long, you actually would spend MORE time in the 3 quarter courses on a class versus the 2 semester courses.

I think that they are both good systems and appeal to slightly different thought patterns. It just depends on personal preference.


Just my opinion :-)

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  • Mrs P answered 5 years ago
    well in a quarter system is a little different , you take 4 classes for 12 weeks. i use a quarterly system and did a assicates in 18 months instead of 27 months , so i depends on if u want and can handle allot of work a one time .
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