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What do you think of that new show that was recently on Lifetime called Rita Rocks? It is a sitcom.?

I think that it is funny. I heard that it is coming back for another season. What do you think if it? Do you think it will last? Is it funny to you?

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    I really like it too, I just wish they'd decide what time they're going to show it. They kept changing the time it was on so I kept missing it.

    They're renewed it for another 20 episodes so it should be around long enough for others to start watching and enjoying too.

    It's got a great cast - Nicole Sullivan (MadTV, King of Queens), Tisha Campbell (My Wife and Kids), Ian Gomez (The Drew Carey Show) Richard Ruccolo (Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place)

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    it sux but the daughters boyfriend is wayy cute

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