Something is not right, advice please...?

I wouldn't normally come on HERE to ask about this kind of stuff, but seeing as I have no immediate option this time of the night, I thought this is the best i've got right now.

I am 17 and a virgin (yes) and I have a boyfriend. My boyfriend and I have not had sex, but we have fooled around and do foreplay almost every single time we see each other. So, there is, NO SEX. Meaning; no penetration, and no entering of the vagina whatsoever.

I don't usually keep track of my period, I rarely do, but last month I decided to take down the day I got it, just as a pre-caution for next month's arrival. Well, the day has past, and I haven't got it. It has been 5 days now. The ONE TIME I decide to keep track and what happens? I don't get it.

There is more to this :(

When my boyfriend and I fool around, it really only comes down to me naked (sometimes only) and him topless and in his underwear. MOST of the time, I am in my underwear and bra, and he is topless with his jeans and underwear on. Anyway, we've done a few certain things whilst foreplay, and he has gone down on me, but i've never given him head. So basically, it's all oral and foreplay, and no intercourse. We also have dry sex sometimes, but still, no penetration inside me.

A few weeks ago, we were really getting into things while fooling around, and I had my underwear off. He was kneeling over me while I was lying down, and I was so caught in the moment that I told him to rub the tip of his penis on me (on me, as in, on my vaginal area, but not actually near the opening, and not IN IT). So he did, right away because he too was caught up in the heat of things. Stupid of me to forget though, that he would of had Pre-*** on his penis.

After he rubbed on me, I felt down there with my hand and it was very sticky, so I asked him if "he was dry" down there. And he replied, no. I immediantly panicked and we stopped everything. He told me to go wash quickly but I didn't. He also told me that earlier that day he had masturbated, but he washed and went to the toilet straight after.

Anywayyy, after a few days I stopped panicking and didn't think much of it anymore. Now, I am 5 days late, and really starting to stress out more by each passing minute.

Not done yet :(

I have been experiencing cramping and soreness in my lower stomach, what I usually feel before I get my period. Yet, when I check I have nothing. No blood or even brown spotting. Instead, I have this creamy, milky white discharge which kind of smells bad, too. It's not too thick, it's somewhat "runny and watery" actually :| but it keeps coming out a lot. I generally eat a lot of food, but this past week, along with the cramps, i've been eating non stop, every hour at least.

I also get slight nausea (just little), and change in temperature sometimes (although, it could just be the weather and the setting i'm in). I also have been feeling and going to the toilet more often lately, though i've always had a weak bladder, this is out of the ordinary for me, seeing as I need to go practically ALL the time now :( I at first thought it was my change in schedule that has made my menstrual system go weird, because I have just started a course now for two weeks and every morning I wake up at 8, and I go to bed at about 2 AM. And like I mentioned, I rarely keep track of my periods, so I thought I could just be irregular but think i'm late when really i'm not.

But now, after doing some of my own research (I had no other option, my boyfriend doesn't know EVERYTHING about this, and I can't go to my mom and doctor... guess why), I am assuming the worst.

I could be a pregnant virgin. And i've read it IS possible. By pre-***, and even by fingering. Any of that foreplay can cause pregnancy, although highly unlikely, there is a chance....

I don't know what else to do now besides wait. I have no one else to ask at this time. Can ANYONE shed some light on this for me? Give me some peace of mind?

I am SO sorry for being so detailed in my question (it might sound all yuck, I know), but thought it might help very much.

Right now, I feel kind of sick, and worried, and very tired (it's 5:15 AM here in Aus), and I had just had a fight with my boyfriend, which doesn't help at all :( infact, it's making me feel worser now.

ADVICE, or INFORMATION, any of that is much appreciated, clean and nice answers please, that's all I ask for.



By the way, I forgot to add, before my boyfriend rubbed his penis on me, he had gone down on me, so that contributed to me being "sticky" down there. Sorry

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    It's hard to know, yet, but believe me, the stress could be contributing as well. When I had sex for the first time, I was freaking out because I thought I might be pregnant (yes, protection was used.. but it's not 100% so of course I always think the worst). And, of course, my period ended up being late. I was positive that I was pregnant. I did the same thing you're doing. I kept finding symptoms and became more and more convinced. And then one day it just came. I'm usually never late, so I'm pretty sure that it was the stress of wondering that caused it.

    I can't tell you it's not possible for you to be pregnant, but it's not as likely as you might think. Just try to relax, and if it doesn't come take a test and go on from there. But seriously, the stress can and will do this to you. I nearly went crazy from it.

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    First of all you need to relax.

    You may be worrying too much and this can cause a delay in your period.

    There is a very very small chance of you being pregnant due to precum. It is very unlikely but noone can tell you whether or not you are pregnant via this website.

    The only thing you can do to be absolutely certain is to take a pregnancy test. The best time to take it is a few days or so after a missed period. I also advise that you see your doctor or go to a family planning clinic.

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    i never actually had patience 2 read long questions but i wanted 2 read Ur's!!! okay when ur boyfriend fingers u u get wet down there its sticky ITS OK its normal makes him sticky 2!!! what comes out of u the sticky goo-we stuff is normal everyone gets it, its ok its normal because u get h*o*r*n*y sometime and u grow up, after i started for play with my boyfriend along time ago same thing with my period i was 1/2 a month late, its ok ur period will always be on and off shorter and longer! the fact that its late doesn't meen ur pregnant but it makes u worry that's why u don't sleep and everything is different ur scared! but im 99 percent sure ur not pregnant don't worry! but 2 make u feel better at the dollar store any place get a pregnancy test don't freak out ur ok u don't have to tell no one, just pee on it and ill feel better when ull see ur not pregnant

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    I think it is highly unlikely that your pregnant, even though it is possible. I think your working yourself up to much and stressing out which may delay your period. Also you may be noticing all these little things which might happen often but you dont take any notice of them, but now physcologically thinking about them. I think you should wait a further 5-7 days and if it still doesnt come, id buy a pregnancy test.

    i hope i helped xxx

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    If you were so caught up in the moment and turned on I would say the "sticky" stuff was probably YOUR OWN. If he did not penetrate your vagina your not pregnant sweetie. Your period is probably delaying because of the fact that you are so stressed out. Relax :)

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    If you were actually sticky down there, it sounds like he may have actually ejaculated on you and if that's the case then I would go but a pregnancy test. You may or may not be, so just go buy a test to find out. pre ejaculate does not normally leave that much of a trace.

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    go get a pregnancy test, there is a very small chance that you are pregnant.

    However its more likely that because you are worrying so much about it, and clearly thinking about it a lot you could be convincing yourself that you are and overreacting to symptoms?

    i think you should talk to your boyfriend if your really worried.

    good luck!x

  • Becca
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    I'm sorry, if this is terrible news for you, but I think you should probably go get a pregnancy test...

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    First of all: Relax !!!!!!!!!!!

    My girlfriend did psychological pregnancy for stress....just stress...

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