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Why did the 0bama Justice Department drop the charges against the Black Panther "Polling place guards"?

In April, Barry said he would step up prosecutions of civil rights cases...

Civil rights apply to ALL citizens, yes?

Now, they turn loose the Black Panther thugs who intimidated voters at a Philadelphia poling place....



Uhhh... Deacon... did you watch the video at the linked site??? Maybe the thu in the black jack boots, black pants, shirt, jacket and beret who was wielding a night stick in the path of people entering the polling place doesn't qualify as evidence in YOUR world, but suggest it is prima facie evidence of a crime.

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    I wonder if the result had been the same had it been a couple of Neo-Nazi "white power" skinheads standing in front of a polling place with black berets and a nightstick?

    BTW...King Sumir Shabazz was the guy with the nightstick and he has repeatedly stated that he hates whites and is an advocate of killing whites...even babies.

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    because he is a hypocrite, they complain when the police are posted at potential trouble causing poling stations and the democrats are all over that one,they are all just a bunch of hypocrites and only complain when it might hurt their agenda but see no problem in doing the same thing to promote their own agenda.I was a middle of the road person until this last election and I saw how brainwashed the public has become because of the blatantly biased media, the public needs to wake up and realize that both parties hands are filthy from the mess they have made. As long as the politicians work for their own benefit instead of the peoples we will stay like this, and obama is the same old package he just has put a new face on it,and before you start screaming racist know that I am cherokee,black and white. I just was not fooled like a lot of people seem to have been.I don't see color I see just another politician telling people what they want to hear to just promote his career and standing.

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    Voter intimidation would likely be criminal and likely a felony. The New Black Panthers are violent political activists and just happens to be Obama supporters. Now what about the drop of those charges do you not understand? All you have to do is ask , Who is Holder's boss?, and the whole thing just sort of drops into place. Holder made the official decision to drop the charges, but what do you want to bet that Obama had some input on that one.

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    I live in Philadelphia and I recall hearing about this incident on election day. Those of you who don't live in Philadelphia should understand that it is a very dangerous city once you get out of the downtown and touristy areas. Crime is down with the new mayor and police commissioner in charge, but there are a lot of drug lords who own the neighborhoods, especially in north philly and some areas of West and Southwest Philly as well.

    I had seen one of these new black Panthers a few years ago in South Philly and spoke with him. I had no idea that they even existed. He seemed, nice, harmless and interested in what was going on in the rest of the city.

    Although I was only a little kid when the original black Panthers were active, and they were wrong in any of the violence they did, part of their mission was to protect African-Americans and increase discipline and safety in some African-American neighborhoods. Of course they had other motives, which is why they were considered a threat in the 1960s-70s to the government.

    In the video the two guys are not doing anything but standing there. For all we know they are always in front or near that particular apartment complex. Nobody but the man from University of Pennsylvania has even taken notice of them. From the address it is in the north part of Philadelphia nearing some of the more drug infested neighborhoods. Perhaps the people in the neighborhood actually feel SAFER having the new black Panthers outside the polling place.

    I think it is really ridiculous in a city that has so much drugs and violence (murders--including of cops, robberies, rapes, thefts, etc.) that they are publicizing this incident. They threw the case out due to insignificant evidence. People should be as concerned about all the drug dealers in Philadelphia (and around the rest of the country) who are holding neighborhoods hostage and selling illegal drugs to adults and children. Not to mention that these drug dealers carry guns and are ruthless, and just as dangerous or worse, than two guys standing in front of the polls with sticks.

    I just wanted to add that in most of the "problem" neighborhoods in Philadelphia people who aren't from there won't even step foot in there. Most police won't even go in those neighborhoods. If the KKK were walking in front of my polling place (which they probably wouldn't since my neighborhood is mostly white) as long as they didn't threaten people I would not have a problem with it. I would not like to see the KKK there but it is a free country. You cannot prosecute people because of their beliefs. The KKK and the New Black Panthers may be both racist hate groups but unless they actually DO something then you cannot throw them in jail because of their beliefs. If that were the case, the majority of Americans would be in prison because there are plenty of racists and people "thinking" of doing bad/illegal things but they don't actually do it.

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    Interestingly, the video shows nobody actually being intimidated or even approached by the two designated "thugs". People are walking in and out throughout the short video and the only person that seems to be intimidated is the interviewer. Nobody was barred from voting or told how they should vote.

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    I suspect that you already know the answer to your question.

    Same reason we now have ACORN working for the Census --- what a joke.

    It seems that some of them are entitled to more citizen's rights than the rest of us.

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    Prosecutors opt to not to pursue cases all the time. Not much discussion of the why included in the article.

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    Does anyone really believe what Barry says? Let's just hope he doesn't screw our country up anymore then he already has, remember folks we still have three years left of berry!

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    You "misread" the whole article: The Obama administration is widely expected to prosecute discrimination and civil rights cases more vigorously than its predecessor. Civil rights cases, which tend to be controversial and divisive, have traditionally focused on voting rights, housing, and employment matters but can cover all kinds of discrimination, from race to religion to disabilities.

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    They did not have a case. You can't go ahead with prosecution if you do not have a case. Check out all that happened. A good defense attorney would cut the case apart in minutes.

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