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Summer is finally here! Yes! Yes! Yes!?

The first beautiful day of warmth and sunshine since I can't even remember!

It's time to crack open the vault that is, summer songs.

I'll start the ball rolling with a great, but obvious, Time of the Season by The Zombies. Oh yes...

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for some reason it's in a higher pitch, but nonetheless, it makes me want to do, odd summery things..

Happ-happy summer all you magnificent R&P peoples!


SUMMER!!!!!!!! The most wonderousful, magical time of the year, let's all rejoice!

[PS, you would not believe the effect of summer on the Irish, considering it rains the whole ******* year! So, sun! YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!]

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    well...joe satriani says this is "summer"

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    so thats when i listen to it... oldest child would probably pick this...

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    i wore this song out one summer when i was still unbreakable...

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    and this is summery but it reminds me of halloween...

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    it was a lovely day here as well...but we've had a couple of them now...its about to go hairmelting hot...we've had our month of spring

    now playing: atomic punk - van halen

  • SUMMER! Ha, I live in California, so summer started a month or so early, but I am excited nonetheless. =)

    Summer songs for me are always Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison, Red Red Wine by ub40, Santeria by Sublime, Fins and Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet.

    That's just the summer playlist when I was growing up with my parents. =)

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    Well, I won't officially call it Summer until Monday, but it's only 8 days to my birthday :)

    'Boys of Summer' ~ Don Henley

    'Second Hand News' ~ Fleetwood Mac

    'Dreams' ~ Fleetwood Mac

    'Here Comes the Sun' ~ The Beatles

    'May You Never' ~ John Martyn

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    Happy Summer Buddy!!!! Happy Saturday too!

    This always reminded me of a lovely warm summer sunrise on a beach

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    We may have had warmer days so far this year here, but it's still starting to feel more and more like summer... it's great.

    My mom claims it isn't summer until you blast this in the car with the windows down, and I must agree:

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    Happy summer to you too!

    Making Memories -Rush

    Not a summer song,but it always reminds me of the good times during the summer.


    Time Stand Still -Rush

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    1 decade ago

    Yeah I love summer! My birthday's on the 25th (of June) :D

    But I'll unfortunately be in Pensylvania on the day of my birthday :|

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    Let's all learn something from John Peel and crank some Undertones.

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    And more, obviously:

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    seeing as that drink driving ad on tv totally ruined Mungo Jerry's 'Summertime' for me... and just cos i'm listening to them at the mo... i'm going with 'Island' by The Mad Capsule Markets... i'm always whistling this one on a sunny day...(and damn it's hot now in Madrid, this summers going to be a leveller...)

    i defy you not to whistle along to the 'whistly' bit at 0.58 ;)...

    Youtube thumbnail

    ... and ignore the bizarro japanese stuff... (although that scene that starts at 1.55 is pretty cool ;)

  • happy summer!!! not quite there yet for us here, but only 2 weeks away!

    the beach boys always make me think of summer:

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