Does anyone know the specifics about breaking a contract with AT&T wireless?

I have two phones on a family plan and the two years of my two year contract will be up in November, but the service has gotten dreadful that I would like to break the contract and go with Verizon like I should have when choosing a provider. I see that my contract termination fee is $175 and it goes down $5 each month of the contract so that would make it about 80 or so to break the contract. Is that per phone or is it for the whole plan or what? Has anyone broke a contract with them recently and what did they do?

So overall, i want to break the contract with two phones on my family plan and I want to do it now, so what will i encounter, i.e. costs and everything? Thanks.

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    1 decade ago
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    i have broken a contract with verizon but i wasnt charged because i proved them wrong you can actually cancel if you notice that the FFC charge increases :]

    also the charge is per line not whole thing they rip people off

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