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If Armando Estrada returned to WWE as a manager who would you have him manage?

Would you put him back with Umaga, or someone different this time? And what do you think about them letting him go? Honestly, I think they should of kept him on, but as a manager. I think his nail in the coffin was when they put him in the ring

BQ: What do you think of the Miz's current push? Are you for it or against it? Explain why

BQ2: Do you miss The Dudley Boyz being in WWE, or can you care less?

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    Armando Alejandro Estrada, ja, ja needs to be joined to the hip of Shelton Benjamin who is as bland as a rice cake.

    Only watch when Flair is on :)

    Team 3D is doing a decent job on TNA

  • EGGY
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    I was gna say kozlov but then he could get pushed - don't want that

    Maybe a younger superstar like TBK or dolph ziggler I can see it now:

    Hi I'm dolph ziggler

    And I'm armando Astrada lol

    Bq1 - probly to upper mid card - can't see him main eventing but I think they are pushing a miz cena ppv feud after recent house shows and I'd be happy for that to continue for a while

    Bq2 - I don't care they were apparently very full of themselves backstage and were bringing down the roster - the less people like that backstage the better

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    I see him taking out Runjan and turning Khali back into a heel. Or maybe helping Kane towards a world title push.

    BQ: I hope they stick with it. Miz is improving all the time

    BQ2: No, they are doing fine in TNA.

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    k i think he should return with manu...

    miz deserves it he is awesome lol

    and team 3d is returning to wwe soon

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    Randy Orton, because















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