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My sister is due with alittle girl and wants to give her a name that can have a boys nickname any suggestions?

Samantha- Sammie


My boys are Matty & joey

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    Ohhh, I LOVE boyish nicknames for girls!

    My favorite choice would have to be Coriander. It's unusual, but pretty, and the nickname could be either Cori/Cory or Andy, both of which are so cute on a little girl!

    Other ideas:

    Alexandra/Alexandria/Alexis/Alexa --> Alex/Al*

    Alonna/Alana --> Lonnie

    Andrea --> Andy*

    Antonia --> Toni

    Ashley --> Ash/Lee

    Augustina/Augustine --> August/Oggie/Gus

    Benita/Benicia/Benjamina --> Benny/Ben

    Bernice/Bernadette --> Bernie

    Berta/Bertha --> Bertie/Bert

    Callista/Calla/Callie --> Cal

    Charlotte --> Charlie*

    Christine/Christina --> Chris

    Clementine --> Clem*

    Danielle/Daniella/Danica --> Danny/Dan

    Desiree --> Desi/Ray

    Dominique --> Dom

    Elaine/Laney --> Lane

    Elena/Lena --> Lenny

    Eden/Edwina --> Ed, Eddie

    Evanthe --> Evan

    Filomena/Ophelia/Phyllis --> Phil

    Francis/Francine --> Frankie/Frank

    Gabriella --> Gabe

    Geraldine --> Geri/Jerry

    Georgette/Georgia --> Georgie/George

    Giana --> Gianni (pron. like Johnny)/Gian (pron. like John)

    Harriet --> Harry

    Henrietta --> Henry/Hank

    Isabella/Isabelle --> Izzy

    Jessica --> Jesse/Jessie

    Judith --> Jude

    Julia/Julie --> Jules

    Jacqueline --> Jackie/Jack

    Johnette --> John/Johnny

    Josephine/Joscel/Josette --> Jo/Joey/Jo-Jo*

    Kennedy/Kenley --> Kenny/Ken/Eddie/Ed

    Kylie --> Kyle

    Lauren/Laura/Lara --> Larry

    Leela --> Lee

    Louisa/Lucy --> Louie/Lou

    Mackenzie/Mackenna --> Mack/Max/Kenny/Ken

    Madison --> Maddy/Maddie

    Matilda --> Mattie/Matt

    Maurine --> Moe

    Maxine --> Max/Mack

    Melanie/Melissa --> Mel

    Michelle --> Mick/Mickey/Mike/Mikey

    Miley --> Miles/Milo

    Natalie/Natalia --> Nat/Nate

    Nicole --> Nick/Nicky

    Olivia/Olive --> Ollie*

    Patricia/Patrice --> Pat/Patty

    Raven --> Ray

    Rebecca --> Beck

    Rhianna --> Ryan/Andy

    Roberta --> Bobby/Bob/Robbie/Rob/Robert

    Sally --> Sal

    Samantha --> Sam/Sammie

    Sidney --> Sid

    Stephanie --> Stevie/Steve/Stephan

    Theodora --> Teddy/Ted/Theo

    Thomasina --> Tommy/Tom/Thomas

    Tigerlily --> Tiger (Lily could also be a nickname)*

    Victoria --> Vick/Victor

    Vincenza --> Vinny

    Willow/Willa/Wilma/Wilhelmina --> Will/Willy/Bill/Billy

    *The asterisks represent my favorite nicknames of the bunch: Alex, Andy, Clem, Charlie, Joey, Ollie, Tiger (or Lily, if she's feeling girly).

    Also keep in mind that there are lots of great unisex names (Riley, Jamie, Taylor, etc.), and some boy names that would work for girls (Ryan, Cody, etc.). There are also lots of names that work the opposite way than what you're asking: cool masculine names that could have cute feminine nicknames (James --> Jamie, Anderson --> Andy, Lucian --> Lucy, etc.). Just something to think about!

    Good luck!

  • Edwina - Ed

    Christine/Christina - Chris

    Joanna/Josephine/Jocelyn - Jo, Joey

    Jamie - James

    Francesca -- Frank, Frankie

    Stephanie -- Stevie

    Abigail -- Gale

    Alexandra/Alexis -- Alex

    Jacqueline -- Jack, Jackie

    Danielle -- Dani, Dan

    Antonia -- Toni

    Rachel -- Ray

    Selena -- Lennie

    Matilda -- Matt, Tilly

    Michaela/Mikayla -- Mike, Mickey

    Kendra -- Ken

    Charlotte -- Charlie, Charles

    Judith -- Jude

    Kyla/Kayla -- Kyle

    Jessica -- Jessie (Jesse)

    Nicole -- Nick, Nikki

    Geraldine -- Jerry

    Olivia -- Ollie

    Georgia/Georgina/Georgiana -- George, Georgie

    hope these help!

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    Josephine- Joey

    Joanna- Jo

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    Sorry but I dont understand why you would pick girls name just to call it by a boys nickname, Samantha is lovely as it is

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    Victoria- Victor

    Alexandria- Alex*

    Alexandra- Alex*

    Alexis- Alex*

    Allison- Al

    Ashlen- Ash

    Leanne- Lee

    Briana- Brian



    the ones with * are my faves

    hope this helps


    answer mine?

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    I like the nickname Andie or Andi or Andy for a girl...maybe Andrea or Andromeda?

    I'm also fond of Jessica, Jesse for short.

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  • My best friend did the same thing so she started by taking the first letter of the first name and the first letter of the middle name to start with . she wanted to nickname her little girl CJ and went from there . i on the other hand want to nickname my little girl Boo so I came up with Devlin for her first name and Boo for her middle name . Good luck ..and congrads

  • Nicolette/Nicole-Nikki/Nick.











    Andrea (Spanish pronunciation)/Andrea (Regular)-Andy/Andres.



    Hope this helps :) Good luck, and congratulations on being an aunt!

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    Alexandria-alex(even though that's a girl/boy name)

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