What are the names and telephone numbers for the electric, gas, water, and garbage companies in Big Rapids, MI?

I can't find any of this information online and would greatly appreciate any help someone could provide. Thank you.


Thanks for trying Kelly, but I did actually find that website. Is there anyone out there who lives in Big Rapids who could answer this question? I will be moving there soon and need to set up my utilities.

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    Hopes this helps:

    Important Numbers

    (All numbers have 231 area code unless otherwise noted)


    Phone Number Address E-Mail

    Accounts Payable 592-4025 226 North Michigan Avenue treasurer@ci.big-rapids.mi.us

    Assessing 592-4030 226 North Michigan Avenue assessor@ci.big-rapids.mi.us

    Big Rapids Public Schools 796-2627 21034 15 Mile Road

    Big Rapids Township 796-3603 14212 Northland Drive

    Building Inspection 592-0105 14485 Northland Drive

    Central Dispatch 796-4811 20701 Northland Drive mcd911@tucker-usa.com

    Chamber of Commerce 796-7649 246 North State Street

    Circuit Court 592-0780 400 Elm Street

    City Attorney (Eric Williams) 796-8945 524 North State Street edw1@tucker-usa.com

    City Garage 796-8542 325 North DeKrafft Avenue garage@ci.big-rapids.mi.us

    City Hall Main Number 592-4025 226 North Michigan Avenue geninfo@ci.big-rapids.mi.us

    City Manager's Office 592-4020 226 North Michigan Avenue manager@ci.big-rapids.mi.us

    Clerk's Office 592-4000 226 North Michigan Avenue clerk@ci.big-rapids.mi.us

    Community Library 796-5234 428 South Michigan Avenue library@ci.big-rapids.mi.us

    Community Pool 796-7798 100 Hutchinson pubworks@ci.big-rapids.mi.us

    Code Enforcement and Zoning 592-4057 226 North Michigan Avenue nbrsvcs@ci.big-rapids.mi.us

    County Clerk 592-0783 400 Elm Street

    County Building Department 592-0105 14485 Northland Drive

    Dial-A-Ride 796-8675 1829 North State Street pubworks@ci.big-rapids.mi.us

    Downtown Business Association 250-8177 101 North Michigan Avenue dba@ci.big-rapids.mi.us

    Family Independence Agency 796-4300 Watertower Road

    Fire Division 527-0005 435 North Michigan Avenue fire@ci.big-rapids.mi.us

    Housing Commission 796-8689 9 Parkview brhc@tucker-usa.com

    Income Tax Department 592-4012 226 North Michigan Avenue inctax@ci.big-rapids.mi.us

    Information Technology 592-4033 226 North Michigan Avenue webmaster@ci.big-rapids.mi.us

    Mecosta County Convention and Visitors Bureau 796-7640 246 North State Street

    Neighborhood Services Department 592-4036 226 North Michigan Avenue nbrsvcs@ci.big-rapids.mi.us

    Recreation Department 592-4038 226 North Michigan Avenue Avenue recreation@brms.brps.k12.mi.us

    Recycling Station 796-0320 Fourth Avenue

    Roben Hood Airport 796-5600 21325 18 Mile Road

    Public Safety Department 527-0005 435 North Michigan Avenue pubsafety@ci.big-rapids.mi.us

    Public Works Department 592-4015 226 North Michigan Avenue pubworks@ci.big-rapids.mi.us

    Secretary of State 888-767-6424 206 North Michigan Avenue

    Sunset Waste (888)707-3867

    Treasurer's Office 592-4010 226 North Michigan Avenue treasurer@ci.big-rapids.mi.us

    Utilities Department 592-4005 226 North Michigan Avenue treasurer@ci.big-rapids.mi.us

    Wastewater Treatment Plant 796-8483 500 River wwtp@ci.big-rapids.mi.us

    Water Filtration Plant 796-6231 730 Osceola wtp@ci.big-rapids.mi.us

    Thank you and best of luck.Kelly 05-30-2009

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    Source(s): PhoneLookup Directories http://reversephonenumberlookup.enle.info/?80m7
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