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Is there any good anime or manga out there?

Okay so I'v seen a lott of anime and manga and the ones I like the most are the ones with a type of cutee romance.(like in kamachama karin) and anime with magic is also good!! I am curently reading Loveless and I would also like to find a anime like it

Please & thank you!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    i'm not much of a romance sucker...

    so i'll give u some that might have soome romance but the manga itself focuses more on other things...

    try these mangas:

    kurohime -it's about a girl who happens to be some kinda witch, and the most powerful at that... she along with a guy -who she falls in love with- go up against the gods who had cursed her... it's pretty interesting

    code breaker -it's about ... well kinda complicated, but there is this organization of 6 guys who have special powers and they kill those people who aren't punished by the law

    1/2 prince -it's about a virtual reality game where people can feel that they are playing the game themselves in real life...

    gokusen - it's about a yakuza's leader's granddaughter who became a teacher at a delinquent school... it's hilarious.

    beelzebub - it's about a delinquent guy who's raising the devil's kid... hilarious as hell

    ID - there's magic, and some romance... u might like it... however i'm going to warn u b4 hand... 1) it's a manhwa so u have to read from left to right. 2) the story is complicated, so u'll have to keep reading if u wanna know what's going at first u might get bored, but it's a really good story...

    change 123 -it's pretty good, it's about a girl who was raised by 3 martial artists, and all 3 of them use different techniques and what not... in order for her to cope up with the training she created 3 different personalities... it's pretty good, and there's romance in here... lots of fighting too

    momo - it's a new series, it's about a girl who after saving "the devil" from being hit by a car, she becomes the representative of the planet, and must give the "devil' 7 good reasons as to why earth should be saved.

    medaka box - another new series, it's about a girl who's "perfect" and she's become the student council president as a first year in high school. she can do pretty much anything, great at sports, and gets the best grades... as she was elected to be the student president, she suggested that she would put up a "suggestion box" where she would take care of the problems of all the students... in order to do so, she asks her childhood friend to help her out... she's always having him do all the bad parts of the job -which usually gets him all beat up... it's pretty good...

    bowling king -it's hilarious... it's a manhua tho... it's about a guy who after he meets this girl, he completely falls in love with her... he then becomes a bowler, because the next time he sees her, that same night, she's in a lot of trouble because her brother got himself into a debt with a lot of bad guys... so then they settle at a bowling competition in order to decide when they'll have to pay for the debt. then they discover that he has a natural born talent for bowling... and well in order to pay off the debt that the girl's brother left, he decides to enter a bowling tournament which is paying a high price... anyways it's really funny, because he humiliates the competitors.. and he's really funny doing everything he can to get that girl to love him..

    history's strongest disciple kenichi -it's about a kid who's always bully and he then meets a girl who's a martial artist, and she introduces him to her grandfather and another 5 masters of martial arts... but the stronger he becomes the more people that are after him... and he keeps on training because he wishes to become a strong enough person to protect that girl...

    mirai aiki - it's about a kid who's always considered himself a bystander... he never associates himself with any1, he just write everything around him on his cellphone as a diary.. but he can meet with "deus" who is like a god of time and space... and then he upgrades his cellphone and he can now read about the things that happen around him in the future.... but then he finds out that deus is looking for a successor and so he's plotted a game for like 12 people who he had given the cellphone to to kill each other, and the survivor would then become the successor... he's only lucky cuz he's helped by this crazy girl who's his stalker...

    mahou sensei negima - it's about a kid who becomes a teacher, but he's a mage... and he wants to become a great mage just like his father was... and he's also looking for his father whereabouts who had disappeared a few years ago

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    In all of these there is romance and some comedy, except Hikaru No Go, 07 ghost , D Gray Man, and Zombie Powder.

    Anime/manga seen/ reading

    Go to blazing anime or to watch

    1. naruto

    2. naruto shippuden

    3. bleach

    4. fullmetal alchemist

    5. trinity blood

    6. hikaru no go

    7. da copa

    8. da copa s.s.

    9. ouran high school host club

    10. blood +

    11. devil may cru

    12. loveless

    13. vampire knight

    14. vampire knight guilty

    15. code geass

    16. code geass R2

    17. IGPX

    18. Eureka seven

    19. 07 Ghost

    20. Fate/Stay night

    21. Zombie Powder

    Better to read because the anime didn’t finish

    To read go to

    1. Fruits basket

    2. D Gray Man

    3. Inyasha.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No anime is truly really like Loveless but try Kuroshitsuji and Gravitation. They are both really really good. The master-servant relationship is in these series also. Sukisyo is also good.

    Shugo Chara and Cardcaptor Sakura are similar to Kamichama Karin

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  • 1 decade ago

    Rurouni Kenshin you will love it watch the dubbs cause they are better. It is romance but mainly the legacy of the battousai. Give it a chance it is very well written.

    Watch it here:

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  • 1 decade ago

    erm for romantic stuff


    -hanna to akuma

    -fly high

    -vampire knight

    -Special A

    -Cherry Juice

    -D.N Angel

    -Kamichama Karin Chu

    -Shugo Chara


    -D. gray man



    -rave master

    -fairy tale

    -moster soul

    You can read this manga's at >:p

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  • 1 decade ago

    try these,La Corda D'Oro Primo Passo and Fruits Basket,I really like them :D

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