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Why is this guy soooo gorgeous in pictures but Unattractive in person?

I met him and it was really quick I gave him my # because i was in a rush and on my way to work. He was model like fine on his myspace page...So when we met i noticed he has an underbite and a crooked tooth. He doesn't smile in pics. He has nice shaped eyes a perfcet nose and cheekbones but his GRILL is tore up from the floor up. I realised he is very PHOTOGENIC...I am so sad by this the fact that he is Gorgeous on photos and BLAH in person...I think he should get braces it would be greta how can i suggest this to him in a nice way...I have them so he should not be offended (mine are coming off soon)

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    some people (ugly even) are photogenic .. then some good looking people are not

    an old documentary claimed that symmetry is the basis for good looks

    Source(s): ... if you're ugly and good with photoshop, try taking one half of your face, reverse it, and replace the other half with the reversed half ... you will be surprised at how good you look, simply due to facial symmetry
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    I think you should know by now that most of the people put there best pictures. I was mislead too once! I ended up running away, but looks shouldn't matter but in some case you make it that choice.

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    the truth is no one is perfect. What do you expect. its modeling. they use makeup, special lighting, cameras, etc to make a good photo. Of course they will look a little diff in person

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    don't get you girl!!! what did you not like in him? his personality or his teeth?

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    You are mean.

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