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Do you think the Capitals have had steroid issues?

With the recent controversy, do you think any of the Capitals have actually had run-ins with steroids?

If you think they did or may have, which players do you think could have been involved?

Whether there was involvement or not, do you think this will blow over or be a big deal in the near future?

What, in your opinion, will this mean for the Capitals?

What, in your opinion, will this mean for the NHL?

*I have mixed opinions on the whole matter, but I'll keep them to myself, because I'm interested in other opinions.

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    Rumourmongering notwithstanding, the answer is I don't know.

    I don't know how sophisticated the NHL's testing protocols are, and with the IIHF opposed to the WADA protocols of athletes having to provide their whereabouts on a 365-day basis (the IOC wants this, and team sport federations IIHF, FIBA, and FIFA are all opposed), there are, potentially, opportunities.

    With Washington's roster, they will have several members of their team likely playing in the Olympics, which has tougher testing standards than the NHL (among other things, a lot of OTC cold medication will register a positive test).

    I'm not sure about steroids. Other PED's like HGH and EPO, which help with recovery...without knowing how sophisticated the testing is, it's hard to answer the question.

    I'll say this- "if" (and without factual evidence I don't like accusing someone of something) NHLers were to be using PED's, I'd say things like EPO and HGH are the most likely options (given the rigours of their season and the marathon that is the playoffs). The league can, and should, test players throughout the season, including the playoffs.

    With that being's a joke what North American sports leagues punish drug cheats for when you compare the penalties outside of North America. Roughly a suspension of 1/4 of a season in North America, while team sports (rugby, soccer) have 1-2 year bans for a first time offence. If the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL were to be serious, a 2-year ban for a positive test would indicate a level of seriousness.

  • I am not so sure that this rumor is completely true. At this point it's only the perpetrator and the supposed players who know for sure, until further investigation is concerned. Don't read too much into it again until all the facts come out, AFTER the investigation is complete. I hope nothing comes of this. This is not a good thing for the Caps or the NHL if it's true.

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    Im being as unbiased as I can here. The nhl does a really great job on its testing and they take it very seriously and none of the caps were ever busted and besides I havent seen any player get abnormally big which would be a sign. So I dont think its true

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    The broker became caught in Florida and has made an unsubstantiated declare that Nationals and Capitals gamers have been his best clientele. i don't comprehend who's genuine and/or incorrect. i comprehend that making fake accusations is, at a minimum, fully unethical and probably reason for criminal action. I opt to withhold remark till information (via that, I mean that it particularly is factually precise and verifiable and not hearsay) are hassle-free. I additionally comprehend I definitely have 0 tolerance for drug cheats, and picture the present 20-activity suspension is a slap on the wrist (once you evaluate to the effects levied outdoors of North American activity). Bryan Berard became hit with a stick in the attention (on a persist with via shot) and lost partial sight in his one eye. It occurred in the time of an NHL activity against Ottawa (he became taking part in for Toronto on the time).

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    I've kinda wondered myself. I find it hard to believe the lure of better performance has not crept in to Hockey at all. If it has though I don't believe it is as widespread as other sports. Also, if the Caps HAVE used steroids, you can bet they're not alone.

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