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詞:張嘉興 曲:黃友楨

如果兩個人的天堂 像是溫馨的牆 囚禁你的夢想

幸福是否像是一扇鐵窗 候鳥失去了南方

如果你對天空嚮往 渴望一雙翅膀 放手讓你飛翔

你的羽翼不該伴隨玫瑰 聽從凋謝的時光

浪漫如果變成了牽絆 我願為你選擇回到孤單

纏綿如果變成了鎖鏈 拋開諾言

有一種愛叫做放手 為愛放棄天長地久

我們相守若讓你付出所有 讓真愛帶我走

有一種愛叫做放手 為愛結束天長地久

我的離去若讓你擁有所有 讓真愛帶我走 說分手

有一種愛叫做放手 為愛結束天長地久 我的離去若讓你擁有所有

為了你 失去你 狠心扮演傷害你 為了你離開你 永遠不分的離去

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    If two people like the warm paradise of your dreams prison wall

    Whether the well-being of migratory birds such as the loss of a prison in the south

    Longing for the sky if you want a pair of wings let you fly

    Your wings should not listen to wither with time Rose

    Turned into a romantic, if you choose I would like to return to loneliness

    Touching the chain if the set aside into a promise

    There is a love called a free hand to give up for love everlasting and unchanging

    if we all pay so that you love to take me away

    There is a love called the end of a free hand for everlasting love

    If I let you leave so have all the love that broke up with me

    There is a love called love the end of a free hand to the left if I ever let you have all the

    In order to play you lose your hard-hearted to hurt you will never leave you regardless of your departure

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