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  • 1 decade ago
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    My English is not very good, but study abroad is always my dream.

    I will experience different things and improve my English ability in the university. I hope I have chance to study in a foreign country, in order to become biligual and know about different culture.

    自己翻的,意思應該差不多......不過有個小建議,如果這段屬實的話...建議你自己試著寫再請老師修改會比較好 :D (在做備審資料啦~)

    2009-05-30 20:15:52 補充:

    修改 but study abroad has always be my dream.

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  • 1 decade ago

    中翻英時勿將中文一字一字, 逐句逐句的翻譯, 而是要看整段要表達的意思來構思前後文句. 我略微改寫如下. 祝福你!

    2009-06-02 18:06:11 補充:

    Currently my English is not very fluent but i always dream on studying abroad. From now on in the four years in the University, I will do my best to learn new knowledges and improve my English ability in the same time.

    2009-06-02 18:06:16 補充:

    I will make every effort to meet my goal to widen my vision and study abroad. Hopefully I can be a biligual talent with international view.

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    1 decade ago

    I am not good at English,but I always dream I can go abroad to study. I will study harder more than ever and learn various aspect of new knowledge to improve my ability of English language in future four years. And then, I will make efforts to arrive the goal which I have decided. I hope that I'll get a chane to study more abroad, widen my horizons and be a native bilingual talent/interpreter with a global perspective.

    2009-06-01 13:55:10 補充:



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