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急~!!幫我翻譯精神科的 醫囑

This 34 y/o female is a case of schizophrenia.her first psychotic episode presented as absent minded,irritability,suspiciousness,persecutory delusion and poor sleep when she was about 28y/o after divorce.she had ever been admitted to Dr陳文勝’s clinic for 40days with partial remission.due to prominent drug side effects,she visited 市醫 and follow-up regularly.she had argument with her mother frequently,however,she still can do handcraft at home.she had ever been admitted our hospital for 2 times (May/19/2004-Aug/19/2004,July/27/2007-Oct/31/2007),after discharge,she had regular OPD f/u.

RX:seroquel,sulpiride,luvox,artane,stilnox at 市醫.she could do simple work at home and social withdraw was also noted.her life is loose in past months.she ever got a job but she could not maintain it.

AH (voice commanding ),queer behavior at night and usual wandering outside happen in recent she is brought to our hospital and was admitted.

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    這位三十四歲女性是一個精神分裂症的個案.他第一個精神病症狀是absent精神,刺激(易怒),多疑,被害妄想症和睡眠不佳時,她大約二十八歲時脫離現實.她從未承認至陳文勝診所入院四十天局部緩解,以突出藥物的副作用,她持續規律至市立醫院覆診.她與她的母親爭執(爭吵),無論如何(不管),她仍舊會在家做手工藝品.她從未承認至我們的醫院入院2次( May/19/2004-Aug/19/2004 , July/27/2007-Oct/31/2007 ) ,出院後,她仍持續至門診覆診.

    藥方請取 :思瑞康,舒必利,蘭釋, artane , 使帝若斯在市醫。她可以做簡單的工作,在家裡和社會上有名的.她生活是鬆散在過去幾個月.她以往任何時候都找到工作,但她不能維持它。

    AH(語音指揮) ,怪異的行為在夜間和通常恍惚的在外面發生在最近幾天.所以她被送至我們醫院入院治療。

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