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Doesn't Lakers playoff journey remind you of last year's Celtics?

Celtics got all they could handle in the first two rounds then put together in the series against Detroit and they rolled from there. Lakers had some trouble with Utah especially in the 4th quarter of some games, then we all know how the Houston series went, but after losing homecourt in the Denver series, much like when Celtics lost homecourt to Detroit last year, they fought back and tonight they showed how great this team can be if they play good defense.

BQ: Orlando in the finals tomorrow?

BQ2: Is Andrew Bynum being a non-factor a concern, especially if the Lakers face Dwight and the Magic.

BQ3: Lakers fans, who do you want to face in the finals? Frankly Cavs looks really weak in this series and there is no way LeBron can beat the Lakers by himself, but with Orlando we get homecourt which is definitely a big advantage with the Finals format.

STAR if you think the Lakers are much tougher than last year!

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    Your avatar is funny MC!

    Yup, it is very similar all right. I think LA has become tougher since they went for redemption last year, and faced tough challenges in the playoffs. And the Houston Game 4 and Game 6 and Denver Game 4 were perfect wakeup calls for LA. They will play hard.

    Starred. The whole team is tougher, Kobe showed some great Leadership in G6 when Pau got whacked. Kobe is hungry for his 4th ring.

    And to those people who said that LA played crappy teams, your being dumb. I mean the Western Conference is so much tougher than the Eastern Conference. All 8 teams in the West playoffs are not to be underestimated. In the East, only 3 are significantly good.

    Let's Compare their foes. LA beat a Utah Team with D Will and Boozzy in 5. Although it was quick, Lakers Bench got lazy and blew big 25+ leads and make it a single digit lead. Yes they blew leads a lot, and needed Kobe to play in the 4th to save their butts. Cavs played a injury depleted Detroit Team, with a Lazy A.I and Denver Chicken McNuggets stole their Billups, they are pretty much no different than LA Clippers or Sac Kings. Utah is tougher than Detroit for sure right?

    The injury depleted Houston Team has team chemistry since T-mac is gone and is tougher than their record. The Atlanta Hawks,although improved but are overrated.

    But in the C Finals I would say, Denver and Cavs/Magic were both tough opponents. I would still rate LAs opponents tougher overall.

    BQ: Yes Orlando owned Cleveland in 6 last night. So they are in the finals already.

    BQ2: Maybe, since LA loses big Deph to throw at Dwight. But Andrew Bynum could use up his fouls to defend Howard while Gasol does less defending and more scoring. And what makes people think Bynum is not an X factor? He might be. Get Howard in foul trouble, like what happened in Cleveland.

    BQ3: Doesn't matter who LA faces. In my opinion both teams are not as defensively tough as last years Boston Celtics. (I hate the Celtics, cause Paul Pierce look gay and dumb) Lakers shall prevail. Also We aren't the best road team for no reason. Also Imo this Laker team has never been beaten when they bring their A game. They only get beaten cause the Good Lakers A game don't show up.For example, Charlotte swept LA. if Bobcats play LA in a 7 game series, who do you pick to win? If the Good Lakers show up, watch out.

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    It does but since the Lakers have more experience after being in the finals last year, it will help them become a better team in this year's Finals.

    - BQ#1: The Magic is the most realism choice due to their position of going back home to close it out, but the Cavs won't give up without a fight.

    - BQ#2: Andrew Bynum would have to step up to match the defensiveness of the Defensive Player of the Year,

    - BQ#3: I really don't care who the Lakers matchup in the Finals because the Lakers can play real well against the Cavs and the Lakers would have homecourt advantage if they face the Magic.

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  • Yes it does. The difference is the Lakers can learn from the mistakes they made last year against the Celtics, and for that I am grateful! I am proud of this team and I feel confident going into the finals and I pray that we will bring the championship home.

    BQ: Yes. We all know that only 8 teams have come back from a 3-1 deficit and the Cavaliers are capable but I still see Orlando winning. They are the better team and I hope that we can face the best there is.

    BQ2: yes and no. Dwight can get his points if we learn to defend his teammates. If our D is good, Dwight wont be able to beat us alone.

    BQ3: I want the best team to face us. I don't want there to be any doubt! If the Cavs are the best, so be it. And if the Magic are the best, bring it! I'm ready for anyone!

    I'm very proud of this team!

    Source(s): I know it's 3-2 now, but you know the stats.
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    Yeah, but only this time the Lakers are much better and improved. And we got Bynum, don't we?

    BQ: Pretty much. I just don't see the Cavs winning at the Magics' home court.

    BQ2: Well, we can't really rely on Bynum to stop Howard, though he can still be an x-factor. We still got LO and the rest of the team.

    BQ3: Man, I would love to see LeBron try to beat the Lakers by himself, only to lose the championship. But if the Magic wins this one, then I'm ok with it too.

    Hell yeah they are!

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    No, Lakers are a great team that doesn't show up sometimes. The celtics were the best team all season and played at that level all season and into the post season against solid teams that gave them a tough match, but those losses against the rockets after yao went down should of never of happened and celtics never would of let that happen let alone lose like the lakers did in the rockets series.

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    Q : Yes, agree about last year's Playoffs.

    BQ: Orlando, in the way like they're playing... I want the Magic in the Finals.

    BQ2: Andrew Bynum is gonna be a "factor", but remember he's not at 100%, so he's not gonna be the same Big Guy who was destroying everyone before his injury scoring 20pts/10rbs every game.

    BQ3: I wanna see the Orlando Magic in the Finals next week.


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    Yes they kinda remind me of last year's celtics run.. but without the wheelchair incident I hope.. LOL

    BQ1- i hope not.. I really want the Lakers to destroy the Cavs in the finals.

    BQ2- Yes youre right.. he needs to get his old game back if they face orlando or dwight will destroy him..

    BQ3- CAVSCAVSCAVS.. Lakers will destroy them and it will be a grim reality check for those dumbassess at ESPN. Bronjockers!

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    it is very similar except for the fact that we got into the finals early than then the celtics did last year

    BQ:i think so...the cavs played great in game 5, but i think they are gonna need more to beat the magic in orlando...expect orlando to bring their A game

    BQ2:i dont think so...if he doesnt show up then pj will definitely play gasol alot more until bynum figures out wat hes gotta do...also lamar has been stepping up alot in his absense

    BQ3:honestly i would much rather have the cavs...we beat them by an average of 14 points in the regular season

  • we played like a championship caliber team tonight

    orlando i think will win tomorow

    i not so much we got gasol playing good but bynum as to step it up

    orlando cause we get homecourt and seems like a better match up for us

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    BQ3: Lakers fans, who do you want to face in the finals?

    Orlando Magics

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