has any one heard of javier m.solana?and his position of europe's high chief representative of the e.u.?

under a resolution known as recommendation 666?


well,first of all back in the 1950's six european leaders gathered together in rome!!these six nation formed what was known as benelux agreement nations following ww2 the nations of europe thru various redevelopment and construction plans such as the united states ' well known marshall plan helped to rebuild these worn torn nations yr later they regrouped!working to break down the divisions and barriers that torn the continent apart!!!but in 1957 under the father of what is now known as the european union jean monnet influenced and planned an plan to help create an european economic force that would eventually come to be known as the european common market what brought this agreement to reality?a compsct signed in rome on top of one of the seven hills of rome at a papal resort!!what makes this significant?was this brought about by the treaty of rome!!!!!

it was also the beginning of the prophesied revived roman empire!!where it has already begun the awakening stages but hasn't yet

Update 2:

revived as the ten horn kingdom prophesied in the book of daniel and revelation!!!this now european union once covered the area of where the old roman empire was mapped!!!today it is referred to as the new europe but european leaders have also referenced it as the next step to creating a united states of europe!!! how so fitting!!note the names of the three titles"united states of europe united>6 states>6 europe.6 javier m. solana is a man that has very powerful influence over european and foriegn affairs!!esp. that of which concerns the middle east!!!! you can learn more about him go to recomendation 666 and javier solana .com it will explain the rest how he because so powerful!!!!

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  • connie
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    1 decade ago
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    No, but please do explain.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You sure write rubbish there. Let me guess youtube site or the bible

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