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help! just cheated diet :(?

okay so ive been on a diet for a long time and have lost like 7 pounds in 2 weeks. today is friday and my plans got ruined and i couldnt help eating!! i ate so much granola nut stuff, and i know its bad for you and i feel disgusting and fat what do i do?! also, its 11:43 at night right before i go to bed!!! will i gain weight from this? i also had bread with turkey...twice...and an avocado...and almonds...and a yogurt...and an orange

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    Okay, the bread and almonds and avocado and yogurt definitely did some damage.

    And hey, I have been there, I now, have lost over 65 lbs, and started like 8 months ago...

    And about 2 months ago, I ate $23 worth of Jack in the Box, fast food.

    And freaked out and went on Yahoo Answers and asked, what should I do, and felt like a piece of crap for messing my diet up.

    All this did was set me back 3 days of diet, didn't gain weight..

    You on the other hand, you are probably set back a day, so relax and get back on track tommorow...

    And here, I will paste what I usually answer for people wanting to lose weight..

    I am about to give you the best answer.

    Losing weight is 90% Diet and 10% Exercise, so eating less and eating healthier is a lot more important than running or being active; it starts and ends in your kitchen.

    Calorie-wise, I say around 1300-1700 is fine, depends on how active you are weekly.

    When it comes to diet….

    Don’t eat:

    Sugary (This means, pastries, candy, syrups & ice cream..)

    Oily (Anything oily, anything with oil, even olive oil, oil is fat, very high in calories)

    Buttery (Even fish can be high calorie if you cook it with butter)

    Fried (Whether it is chicken, fries, onion rings…)

    Pasta (One of the worst foods for losing weight, all carbs)

    Rice (Unless brown rice, but rice is all carbs and it usually has some oil)

    Bread (The less the better, but Sara Lee makes 45 calorie slices!)

    Ground Beef (Fatty)

    Fatty (Example: Peanuts or peanut butter, almonds,)

    Dairy foods (Milk, cheese, nacho cheese, all that is fatty, high in calories..)

    Eggs, even if you boil them, they are healthy but high in calories..

    So now, I can tell you some dieting foods…

    Popcorn, “air popped” or some 94% Fat Free are pretty low calories..

    Baby carrots, munch on those babies all day…

    Sugar free jello, satisfy your sweet craving…

    Turkey & Roast beef (low fat brands like Oscar Meyer)

    Tuna, filling, no carbs, all protein, super food.


    Find Sara Lee’s “45 Calories & Delightful” bread, because we love our bread, and they make low calorie slices, most important thing in your diet, because it is the most filling ad satisfying food..

    I was like, 230, now I am 158…

    I am 19, Male and let me tell you that diet is sooooooo easy if you have the right foods around you..

    Like today, I ate 9 sandwiches…

    And a few bowls of popcorn and some other stuff.. and you know what? I will lose weight..

    Because each of those sandwiches had..

    2 slices of bread = 90 calories, about 30 calories of turkey, mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions… about 20 calories…

    So a 140 calories sandwich x 9 of them… that is only 1260 calories..

    The popcorn was about 200… I ate a sandwich every hour.. and munched on carrots..

    And hey, it really is easy you gotta get the foods..

    And if you exercise, it simply speeds up the process.


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    Nothing that you've listed here is bad for you. Looks like you're eating lots of fibrous foods so it's important to drink a lot of water (but not directly with your meal). Just remember that when you eat a lot of fibre you need enough pure water in your diet as well. Bread and turkey isn't the best combination - harder for your body to digest. Turkey and vegetables fine. Bread and jam/honey are an okay combination, just try to choose a good healthy grain bread. In general, breads and proteins aren't the best combination. Google "food combining" to get some info on that. I understand that your body should be finished digesting before bed (and depending on what you eat - affects how long you need to digest) because your body is using your sleep time to process and detoxify your body so ideally it shouldn't be burdened with digesting at that time.

    Watch out for bad advice on what to eat because you can end up losing weight but being nutrient-starved which leads to disease. The bottom line goes something like this... a piece of cardboard has no calories and no fat, but if you chewed it really well it would make you feel full for a while - however, it has ZERO NUTRIENTS for your body (just like popcorn). And, by the way, popcorn is bad for your gut!

    P.S. Don't eat cardboard either.

    P.P.S. I see so much mis-information in the answers to your question, so be careful who you listen to, okay?

    P.P.S. Turkey might make you tired - it's the tryptophan.


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    It is possible you will gained a half poundish tops. I am the same haha I have been in a cutting phase I got subway then a ben and jerry's ice cream! I didn't eat it all but still not a good way to end a night lol. I think it is ok to eat some junk type food every now and then on a diet. Diets are hard and as long as we stick to our diets for the most part we will be alright!

    Source(s): experience
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    Relax. One splurge day won't ruin your weight loss. Get back on track and the weight will keep coming off. Do some extra exercise tomorrow to help burn off the extra calories you had today.

    The time of day you eat doesn't matter (old wive's tale) so don't worry about that.

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    yeah it's not really what you eat but how much you eat, you can eat a little of just about anything and be fine, but if you pig out on even the most healthy foods and still gain weight

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    ok, with all good and proper diets, you have to allow yourself ONE cheating day, when you have a little more then you should (this doesn't mean go all out and tear up a buffet)...This is the only bit that will keep you sane during your tough times.

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  • Brenda
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    4 years ago

    yes. You are eating too much everyday. You should aim for 1200 calories each day instead

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    its okay, all those things are healthy anyway you didnt ruin ur diet,ou will b fine.

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    you cheater youuuuu lol i doubt u will gain any weight back from that.. just dont cheat again

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  • 1 decade ago

    skip dinner

    the best way for dieting

    this way u skip food for a very long time

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