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what is the average prison inmates HOURLY salary?

I need this to make a point

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    The average inmate makes nothing.

    Not all prison inmates are paid to work. Those that are make a very meager wage... less than one dollar an hour.

    Source(s): 17 years law enforcement
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    Source(s): Criminal Records Search Database :
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    in some states the wage is different

    in levenworth ks fed prison my step dad makes 32 cents a day

    in st jo MO state prison i made 7.50 a month until i got my ged and then i started to make 8.50 a month ( and thats 8 bucks and 50 cents)

    and in sc i got paid 18.50 every 2 weeks

    state pay is different in different states

    Source(s): i did 18 years and 7 months at cci and leiber max corr inst in sc for murder 2nd degree ,scdoc inmate id #1069125 ADD and my ex bro inlaw went to an arkansas state prison and he got paid nothing and he had to work the hoe line 6 days a week .but in ark they cut your time to 52 days on the year so it breakes out even so if you get a 10 year sentence you will 12/12 your sentence in 520 days
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    for the state of colorado

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