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I need information on Canada for a novel?

What's it like in Canada? My main character lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Thanks! :)

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    I live in Vancouver suburb.

    Were pretty much like the States in culture

    The Vancouver area is very socially liberal, and a very fiscally so, our equaivalent to LA or Portland. The moral acceptableness of drugs is widespread, and widely avaible, many gangs annoy police. Prostitution common, and alws agianst not enforced. the BC Civil Liberties Union is very powerufl, and have spearheaded a campaign that prevents construction companies from drug testing those who are involved with dangerous equipment like cranes.

    The main universities are Simon Fraser in Burnaby and U of British Columbia in West Van. Langara, Douglas, Kwantlean, Emily Carr, U of Victoria, Quest, and a few other smaller ones exist

    The Province, and the Vancouver Sun are the major papers. The conservative National Post also widely distrbuted. Macleans is the top news magazine in Canada.

    High percentage of the urban population is atheist. Surrey is Sikh dominated, Richmond, Abottsford and Chilliwack are Christian majorities.

    It snows a few times in winter, but it usaully melts in a day or two after. it rains a lot, and people compalin about it even more. Summer is pretty sunny

    The Green movement is VERY strong here. We instituted a carbon tax recently

    The two major political parties for provinicial elections are the New Democratic Party (socialist) and the BC Liberals (probably close to your Democrats, but right wing here and currently in power under the leadership of Gordon Campbell, our Premier).

    Vancouver has a very high percentage of foreign-bonr citiznes, the area too. Richmond=Chinese, Surrey= Punjabi, North Vancouver = Persian, etc.

    Even though French is an official language no one actually speaks it outside Quebec, but all federal building have french signs. Punjabi and Chinese pretty common here though.

    Fraser River major in the area.

    North Van and West Van are the rich parts of the low, the Lower East side a crummy slum. South Surrey rich, North Surrey poor.

    Stanley Park very beuatiful, has large aquarium complex inside.

    There is a large video game industry in Vancouver.

    In federal election the Liberals under Ignatieff and Conservatives under Prime Minister Harper battle each other, and the socialist NDP and sepratist Bloc Quebecois from Quebec trail in as third parties. BC have very few federal liberals, with much of suburbs and rural area voting Conservative and Vancouver proper and Vancouver Island voting NDP mostly.

    We have tracts of land known as agricultural land reserves here, which are land you can farm but not develop housing on, which detracts from their land value very much.

    Mayor Robertson was elected on a platform to battle homelessness (a big problem, as many Canadian homeless come here for temperate climate)

    We have a 2 billion dollar deficit, the first in a while

    Carole James is the leader of the BC NDP, and provincial opposition leader.

    Gas must be bought before being pumped. And gas stations and convienece stores have laws saying there must be two people working the nightshift

    Our tap water is pretty decent, not hard or bad tasting. yet bottled water industry flourishes

    Every summer there is a big Shakespeare festival in Vancouver.

    Our dairy is dominated by Island Farms and Lucerene

    It costs about 1.10 for a chocolate bar.

    Minimum wage is 8$, big push to increase it to 10

    Source(s): The ferry service between the Vancouver Island and the mainland is often citicized, can be a "sailing wait" during holidays an d summer weekends. The former NDP govt is wdiely criticized for purchasing several new ferries that didn't work.
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    I live in Canada, but only spent 2 weeks in Vancouver once, years ago. All I can say is that it was rainy. Like all the time.

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    Shweet! I live near Vancouver. Uhm, Vancouver is the shore of pacific ocean,

    busy streets, cute small houses, tall buildings, sky scrapers, blue skies, crips in the winter, really hot in the summer,

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    If you are serious about the setting I would take a trip there, people who live there will have a different experience than you as an outsider and thus anything they tell you is subjective. Not good or bad, just you want your own experience to come through in your writing.

    Source(s): There is a reason why most of Stephen King's stories take place in and around Maine where he lives.
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    No real towns come to mind. You could always make up a town, or if you want it to be authentic, you could just Google search for small towns in Canada until you find one you like...

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    try the Canada Tourism web site

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