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What is your opinion on 'Global Warming/Cooling'?

I am 15, and this is my personal opinion about the Green Initiative: It has been blown out of proportion. The earth's climate is cyclical, and we even have proof. There were oceans in Africa, as we can see from finding fish and sea-life fossilized remains in the Sahara Desert. Plus, we know of at least four major-to-minor 'Ice Ages.' This has happened throughout history. I think the only reason why everyone is going green is because there are TONS of people invested in this misleading idea. And no one for sure knows wether we are going through a stage of global cooling or warming; we really have no recent precedent, because we have only monitored the world's weather system in detail for the past 200 years. I think those investors want to try to fool the public, by feeding them misleading information and distorted facts. The are distorted because there is NO precedent. I think the Green Initiative is a waste of money, specifically tax payers' money in America, and needs to be ended. Who cares if the 'big investors' loose everything? This is a big scam to gather the tax payers' money; they won't quit because they are in too deep, and will loose everything that they've put in. What do you believe?


*And no, for those of you who think I am only looking for opinions to match my own, that is a false assumption. I would like to hear all sides of the story. This is a controversial subject, and I may disagree with some, but is it always polite to acknowledge the other side of the disagreement.*

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    Now this is a question worth a good debate! XD

    me personally I believe that the planet is going through a cycle of natural change. we have only known the weather for 200 years and compare that to how long the human race has been on this planet, its a very short time.

    we don't know enough about the Earth, and Earth is constantly changing. back about when the Earth was cooled and life was formed, there was only one continent we know as Pengea. over millions of years each piece of that continent broke apart as the 7 continents we know today. the Ice ages also helped formed and changed each continent. already there are people assuming that its Global Warming because there is a hole in the Ozone layer near the Antarctic area. we should take better care of the environment but we should not go to extremes telling everybody that if we don't take care of the Earth we are doomed. we do have some cleaner technology, but we are far from developing more to the levels we want with them being both clean and very efficient. what some extreme people want is to use clean products that are not very efficient and potential dangerous, like smaller cars.

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  • armiso
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    4 years ago

    They is proof to help all sides of the international warming argument. The tricky facet is that individuals typically think probably the most fashionable opinion i.e., Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth. The predicament with that's that many foremost tips are not noted and neglected altogether. For example, Al Gore's documentary did not even point out the end result of volcanic pastime and the atmosphere. Volcanic eruptions give a contribution extra to international warming than some other earthly variable, adding us. The different predicament with the international warming argument is how individuals like Al Gore use emotional ploys (corresponding to dieing animals and shrinking ecosystems)to get individuals to pay concentration. This isn't reasonable to any individual. Yes, it will good be actual that animals die and their habitats lessen however, is that this contributed via international warming by myself? What approximately city sprawl, livestock farming within the rainforests, and an ever growing human populace? Global warming is a tricky quandary to relatively get to the backside of due to the fact that of all the rubbish like this that surrounds it. I wish this is helping a bit of. Good good fortune.

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  • Anonymous
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    Ok, for one all this talk about global warming ist really fitting with what everyone is saying. The earth will keep heating up to the point all the water on the planet in the ice ccaps will melt and keep getting hotter? Ha bologne. The truth is that the earth is experiencing record low temperatues all across the world. Many places in the U.S. are losing crop supplies because of these record low temperatures. Yes, a lot of the country is seeing record highs for this time of year as well, but what people are ignoring is the record amounts of precipitation that is happing across the U.S. and the world. For example, Lufkin texas on january 14th. In 30 hours time 5.15 inches of rain fell there. Thats unheard of. Also, look how much snow was dumped on Colorado. Snow fell at a rate of 2 inches an hour there, not once but twice in 2 weeks! Mt. Baker in Washington had a record snow fall total of 144 inches of snow ( 12ft) in just five days there. Is anyone else seeing this?

    There is also talk of the ice caps melting away into the ocean. Yes thats been seen with Ellesmere ice shelf that broke off in northern Canada but heres some more truth for ya. No one seems to tell the people that these glaciers on the caps area growing. Anarctica just experienced record snowfall totals this year and the ice is thickening. Hmmm someone refrain to tell the people this?

    With this metling of the ice caps provide probably the greatest problem this world is encountering right now. The Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream provides the northern hemisphere with warm water from the equator to give the northern hemisphere its temperate climte. Just as much warmth comes from the Gulf Stream as the sun does, even though the sun heats the water at the equator, but you know what im saying. Well the current is made my the very salty waters in the ocean and a balence of fresh water as well to make a current in the Atlantic ocean. The melting of the ice caps throws a wrench in this engine of heat. The more freshwater dumped into the ocean from Greenland, and surrounding glaciers, makes the salinity of the water very thing which slows down this engine almost completely. When the currents stops or slows down look out Europe, Canada, Northern U.S., and pretty much anything from about the latitude of the Ohio river cause is ice age time.

    This very strange warming and cooling is attributed to the last ice age that occurred roughly 12,000 years ago. Evidense has shown the the last ice age was very very abrupt, the cliamte changed very very fast when it happened. What caused it you say? The Gulf Stream shut down. during that time also i will add was hotter than it was today before the iace age hit. So, what we are experienceing today is almost tell tale signs of the coming events to occur... this world will freeze not burn like the global warming enthusiats will say and preach and make you try to believe but look at the true facts if you will and open your mind to this.

    Source(s): ectoplasmic residue
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  • Thomas
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    1 decade ago

    Yes, the earths climate is cyclical, but man is interfering with the cycle. Simple logic: Man is taking carbon that has been sequestered in the earth for millions of years, and releasing it into the atmosphere as CO2 in a couple of hundred years. The science, from NASA and the National Academy of Science confirms the problem. The actual scam is by industries that generate lots of CO2.

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    Hum... Good question. Right now I'm trying to learn more about this and other things related so I'm not an expert at all!!! I think we need to take care of the Earth and not pollute it, but I don't think Global Warming is happening. Look at what has happened to the Earth in the past: various climate changes and all. You made me think and I like that a lot. Thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago

    your are by far the smartest 15 year old I've come across on here. The fact is basic, the earth warms and cools. It's been going on for billions of years. To think that humans in our insignificant amount of time on this planet could cause something so catastrophic is ridiculous.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Oh Yes, I agree the $green$ movement is the color of money,pure and simple. however, you got to remember that we're talking about investments ranging in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Just look at the price of one solar panel and it all makes big-money sense. now, if global cooling happens it will probably take thousands of years to occur. and it's a fact that many of us? that also includes Mr. Green himself chicken little Al Gore and all the other rotten con artists he is currently associated with will be quite dead from old age by the time this planet goes from green to frosty white.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Whenever someone speaks to you of scientific consensus on MMGW they are LYING to you. There is no science supporting MMGW- only models that ignore the sun, precititation, clouds, etc and are aligned with creating crisis- ie: everflowing funding from taxpayers...

    First of all- there is no warming as determined by all 4 global tracking org's:

    More than 31,000 scientists have signed this petition demonstrating direct correlation between solar irradiance and earth's temp. They- and many others also show that CO2 levels have been more than 400% higher BEFORE fossil fuels.

    PR Research:

    Qualifications include: Atmosphere, Earth, & Environment (3,803), Computers & Math (935), Physics & Aerospace (5,810), Chemistry (4,818)

    700 distinguished scientists have petitioned the Senate calling MMGW a fraud:

    !00 more leading scientists petitioned the UN- many of them claimed by Gore to be part of his nonsensical UN consensus:

    Gore's "consensus" was actually 5 UN tools:

    The entire change in CO2 after 120 years in industrialized humanity is 1/100th of 1 percent- .028-.038 of 1 percent-:

    slight CO2 escalation has FOLLOWED warming during every interglacial transition on record- the exact opposite of the Gore lie:

    The real story is why none of this info has EVER been mentioned on CNN, CBS, NBC, NPR, etc. as the socialists in congress try to ram thru a $1,500/person tax on energy...

    MMGW is the most expensive fraud in history...

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  • 1 decade ago

    "I think those investors want to try to fool the public, by feeding them misleading information and distorted facts. "

    There are tons of people invested in not wanting to believe science (fossil fuel industry, for example). These investors want to fool the public into believing there's no problem, as they did with hiring shills to claim smoking wasn't harmful to your health.

    I believe in science. If concern about global warming came only from fringe greenies, I would tend to agree with you. The concern is backed by the scientific community.

    Good starting point and a very good read if you want to understand the history of climate science.

    General overview:

    Conservative analysis:

    Scientific consensus (not part of the "green" movement):

    Detailed discussions from PhD climatologists:

    Latest climate change studies:

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  • beren
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    1 decade ago

    Your logic is flawed. Simply because climate change has happened before does not mean that man cannot have an influence. Forest fires happened before man ever walked the earth, does that mean that man cannot cause forest fires? Take a look at the science, not your perceived conspiracies. You are clouding your judgment of a scientific question with politics. That is never a good thing.

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